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99 views · 12 hours ago

Hello everyone I am being childish but I do have a little girl inside of me that likes to throw things especially my food when i don't like it. What should happen when my mommy finds out

64 views · 14 hours ago

Finally, my partner has allowed me to start blogging again, after my ban at the end of March. Due to a silly mistake i made.
Im so pleased as ive felt lost without it.
Im allowed to post pics and videos too.
So friends, watch this space. Xx

51 views · 16 hours ago

I also like wearing bodytights. They are much thinner than a leotard and tights or a unitard. They are actually meant to wear with other dance clothes but I like wearing them alone with some nice heels or boots. My spanker likes to have me wear them for punishment spankings because they are so thin and the spankings sting even more. They still hold in the heat like regular tights so the effect of the spanking lasts longer!

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32 views · 16 hours ago

I love wearing leotards and tights! They feel so good and I get so excited when I'm wearing them. They make me want to get a long hard spanking. I love getting a spanking when I'm wearing a nice leotard and tights! The sensation of going over the knee when I'm wearing them and the sting of the spanking is wonderful! I wear a leotard and tights almost every day! I love wearing them to go shopping or to run errands.

79 views · 20 hours ago

People be in my inbox all THE time asking me who is my Daddy so let me answer that question..My Daddy ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL SECURE, So I know who I belong to! My Daddy is the first and the last, the beginning n the end, the keeper of creation n the creator of all, the architecture of the universe n the manager of all time, he always was, always is n always will be, unmoved, unchanged, undefeated, n never undone! he was bruised but brought healing, he was pierced but eased pain, he was persecuted but brought freedom, he was dead n brings life AND he is risen to bring power, n he raised to bring peace...the world cant understand him, army's cant defeat him, schools cant explain him, n leaders cant ignore him, the new age cannot replace him n no ONE can explain him away! HE LIKES ME AND LOVES ME! HIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL! HE WILL NEVER ABANDON ME! HE IS THE WISDOM OF THE WISE, THE POWERFUL OF THE POWERFUL, HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME, NEVER FORGET ABOUT ME!WHEN I FALL HE WILL LIFT ME UP!WHEN I FAIL HE WILL FORGIVE ME!

He is light, he is love, he is longevity he is THE lord! he is goodness n kindness and he is MY KING! I will submit to him without hesitation, he is good n pure, his ways are right, his words eternal, my comfort n his love is unconditional the leader of all leaders , his mind is on me, I follow him because he will never leave me, never forsake me, never overlook me n never cancel my appointment in his book ,never mislead me, he will encourage me when I face problems, when I hurt he will comfort me and when I face lost he will provide for me and that is who i belong too! HE IS FAITHFUL AND PURE, MY SAVIOR AND GUIDE, HIS YOLK IS EASY AND HIS GOAL IS FOR ABUNDANT LIFE, HIS GOAL IS A RELATIONSHIP WITH ME, WHEN I FAIL HE WILL FORGIVE ME, WHEN I'm AFRAID HE WILL ENCOURAGE ME, and protect me, he is everything, when I'm weak, he is strong, when I'm blind he will lead me, in every way... and that is who I belong to, he is my Daddy!

75 views · 1 days ago

All my videos are now on sale through Monday May 31 2016. Please remember to thank a veteran for their service. Without them, none of this would be possible.
Enjoy the weekend in peace

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155 views · 1 days ago

I got my first ever mouth soaping today for talking bad about myself and now my lips are on fire. Is that a common thing or what? I am trying to not worry but still they hurt.

124 views · 1 days ago

I'm real excited about this. Here in Kansas City, with the help of Alicia Panettiere we will be doing a demonstration on PADDLES and PADDLING. This will be for a local BDSM group.

106 views · 1 days ago

Posted by a friend on Facebook.

If you're not being treated with love & respect, check your "Price Tag." Perhaps you have marked yourself down. It's "YOU" who tell people what you're worth by what you accept. Get off the "CLEARANCE RACK" & get behind the glass where they keep all the "VALUABLES". Bottom line is, "VALUE" yourself more!

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197 views · 1 days ago

I was talking with Mommy and she said I needed a spanking. I of course didn't want one and tried to argue my way out of it. It didn't work so I was directed to give myself a spanking. Not fun. I had to use my new bath brush and my new paddle and not the nice side. The pyramid side. It hurts and sitting isn't much fun. I'm sorry Mommy I was being a brat.

184 views · 1 days ago

I had to get a second spanking for getting that ticket in Chicago for driving and using my cell phone. I wore the same dress and boots with black fishnet tights this time! I got a very hard spanking and the video should get posted soon. I uploaded it yesterday. I hope everyone will like it! My butt is still on fire from that spanking yesterday!!!!!

176 views · 1 days ago

The summons, when it arrived, hit Jane almost like a punch in the solar plexus.

“Report to my house at 10am sharp on Saturday morning – full school uniform. You will come on the bus. I suggest that you be punctual as I shall be in no mood to put up with any nonsense. You are in enough trouble as it is!”

She had been expecting it of course – it had been a mistake to confess about bunking off work. But somehow – admitting it to Sir had also been a release. It had been playing on her conscience, giving her no peace. She did not want to be punished – but rather she “needed” to be. It was odd to explain.

And it would not be a pleasant experience – she knew that too. Sir had warned her that the next time she transgressed it would mean a caning. The list had grown too long and needed to be cleared. He had not yet had cause to cane her up until now – but she knew what to expect. He had allowed her to watch and listen when he had punished Pauline a week ago. When it came to a caning – Sir did not pussyfoot around.

How the poor girl had gasped and wriggled as the vicious rattan had cut into her taught knickers whilst she presented herself submissively across his desk. The whooping noise as it had sliced through the air. The dull thwack which had echoed mockingly off of the walls as it bit deep into her upturned bottom. The squeals of anguish – the tears – the vigorous rubbing of tender weals as she had pulled down her knickers afterwards, revealing the lurid marks emblazoned across the white flesh of her bottom and upper thighs.

Finally the shame, as she had been sternly reprimanded before being ignominiously dismissed. Jane closed her eyes and could recall it all in minute detail. On Saturday morning it would be her turn to bend over the desk. Her skirts would be raised. She would feel the coldness of the polished desktop against her cheek when she stretched across to grip the far edge.

There would be a moment’s respite while Sir took a couple of practice swings before taking his position behind her. He would be able to see her knickers. How shameful – yet she would push up on tip-toes, presenting her bottom towards him, hoping that she could take her punishment with as much dignity as the situation would allow.

Suddenly Jane felt the urgent need to rush to the toilet.

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103 views · 2 days ago

I was at the Spanking Secrets studio yesterday, my day off. And for no reason Nick decided that I needed a good spanking! I was on my way shopping and asked why he thought I deserved a spanking and he said, "you've bound to have done something wrong so I think I should smack your bottom!" And that was it, in front of everyone he put me over his knee, whipped up my skirt, took my panties down and spanked me hard on my bare bottom. Trust me girls there's nothing worse than a sore bottom when you're wandering around River Island!!

160 views · 2 days ago

I finally got my bottom spanked. Goodness me what a sore bottom I had afterwards. I was taken over my spanker's knee, spanked on my dress, then my tights, then my panties, then my bare bottom. Long and hard, the paddle especially hurt. Then to finish off over her knee again, naked, for more of the hairbrush. See the pictures and videos on my profile.

115 views · 2 days ago

So now the hot weather is here in Cannes and Nice, some of you boys, who need a good spanking, will be planning your holidays. If you want to travel this way and want a hot ass to go with the hot weather, give me a shout! :-)

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96 views · 2 days ago

You will notice I've changed my videos to private. No request to change them back to public will be granted because I found that someone copied my video and posted it on another site without my permission. This is dishonest, and wrong. If I ever catch who did this, it would make what happened to me in my videos seem like nothing. I may have gotten it in those clips,, but I give it just as hard

Until all unauthorized copies are removed, my videos will remain private.

88 views · 2 days ago

Seems like only yesterday but it was one year ago today that I received my first spanking. I am not sure what I expected but it hurt like hell. I know -- it's supposed to hurt. I just didn't think it would hurt that much. Little did I know what the rest of the weekend held in store. Very cathartic, I must admit.

Thank you, you-know-who.

137 views · 3 days ago

Message me on Kik (time99909) if your looking for a Dom, daddy, or just want a spanking. I'll work with your needs/desires but also make sure you follow the rules! Message me here if you don't want the app.

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194 views · 3 days ago

She lowered herself gracefully to the soft riverbank, wincing slightly as she sat, contact with the ground a reminder of the previous evening.

Before last night she had never been spanked at all, even with a hand.

Now her bottom was etched by red and purple lines; most of them parallel, with others laid cruelly across them.

She relished the pain, it was a distraction from the much deeper pain that had consumed her these past months. She knew she had been struggling to cope with life on her own after so many years with Paul. She had pretty much fallen apart...was empty inside. As if she were no longer whole.

Had last night helped? She wondered.

As she mused on this, one of the clouds that had been studding across the sky all afternoon chose to release its load. She shivered as she felt the first drops on her bare arms. The previously colourful landscape was now turning grey. The curious flat-topped hill that had been built by her ancestors thousands of years ago had now become softer-edged. Indistinct. A true enigma; despite recent excavations, no one really knew why they had built the hill. One thing was sure: it had required enormous effort.

Returning to her previous thoughts, she wondered if perhaps it had helped. It was early days of this new self-imposed therapy, but she was beginning to look outside of herself a little more, to wonder again at the world. That must be better than self-absorption, the relentless questioning of why Paul had been afflicted by the terrible disease. Endless railing against the unfairness of the world.

Of staring into the abyss of her future.

It was better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. Who said that? He must have been a fool... or a genius.

As is typical of an English May afternoon the rain had stopped already, and the sun was breaking through again. She could smell the rain now. A smell that for some reason always brought back distant memories of childhood. The world was simpler then. Endless summer afternoons running free across the fields, amongst the trees. Laughing and playing with the boys. She had always preferred to play with the boys. They were so much more exciting...

She noticed that the sun was just catching the surface of the river, sending silver reflections dancing across its surface as it was disturbed by fish after the insects above it. The reeds were covered by thousands of silver raindrops, refracting the sun like priceless jewels.

Bewitched, she was absorbed by this magic as time stood still.

Later, as she left there was a slight spring in her step. For the first time in months.

195 views · 3 days ago

All day has been hell!! Waiting and waiting knowing what's coming to me. That was painful enough just waiting in my room in the corner waiting on daddy to come home. No one likes to hear those words,"WAIT TIL YOUR DADDY COMES HOME." I was already squirming and could already feel my poor bottom on fire.

Well daddy came home and gave me a good talking too and made sure I will think twice of breaking his rules!!!



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