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My recent blog was supposed to be Commenting on forestnymph's blog.

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Forestnymph, I tried to comment on your blog but was not able to so I had to respond this way. I have also had trouble getting into this site tonight. Most likely it is either a virus or the site login has been compromised. I am able to login using my tablet with no trouble. Perhaps the site administrator here can look into it to see if it is an internal issue.
If any others are having trouble, speak up please.

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Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous Mr G, 28 years today weve been together, though sometimes/often your very frustrating and love to annoy, i love you more as each day passes.
Now weve discovered our love of a DD/HoH lifestyle i hoppe the next 28 years will be even better.
Big hugs and tons of love for my Mr G. Xxxxxxxx

Elite Pain
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spankers with that "Old fashioned spanking attitude" are strongly urged to contact me, discipline date(s) entirely possible. penpals always welcome.

women that spank: all ages, sizes and shapes most welcome to write.

men that spank: grandfatherly old fashioned types 55 to 75 that love to spank and paddle on underpants and bare bottom, and still firmly believe that naughty boys behave better when the seat of underpants are kept sufficiently warm, also most encouraged to message me here.

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I had a hell of a time trying to log on here tonight. I kept getting redirected by a porn site. I kept clearing my history. Sometimes that helps. Tonight what finally worked was clicking on a link for this site that was in my email.

If I am offline for a few days (I don't plan to be) but if I am I am not ignoring you it is probably because of the same problem. Does anyone else ever experience this with this site? What works for you? I try to click off the Live Jasmine pop up that occasionally pops up when I sign on here.

I have a Mac Book Pro. I was wondering if I may have a virus. Is that possible? I almost always use Safari as my browser. I was reading about that but I don't know who or what to believe with that stuff. I always worry it is another scam or dangerous site.

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Could use a hard spanking from some one in Tulsa or close by looking for a guy friend

Elite Pain
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Making angel wings are easy in snow,
Move your arms, they will quickly grow,
But, brought out on flesh is a much harder thing,
Not as simple as causing some bell to ring,
Biting strings of leather slashing at the skin,
Causing fiery feathery weals to begin,
Burning heat that hurts, yet strangely soothes,
Cathartic pain with the flogger's moves,
Each bite and burn and smack and sting,
Yes it would be easier to make a bell to ring,
The pain is taken, borne with pride,
As red wings emerge from the once pale hide,
Those marks will fade leaving nary a stain,
In the Angel's mind the memory will remain.

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I've just reached a place
Where the willow don't bend
There's not much more to be said
It's the top of the end
I am going
I am going
I am gone. - Bob Dylan

After over two and a half decades, my marriage is now coming to an end. I'm not looking to apportion blame for two reasons; one she is not in the position to comment, and two I believe in the saying “there are two sides to every argument, and the truth is in between them!”

But, having said that, my kink played it's part, that is want I want to write about. For artistic license, my kink shall from now in be referred to as “my genie”.


Like many people that I have spoken to, my genie has been a long standing thing. I could not tell you when I became aware of it, it seems to have been hard-wired to my psyche.
My genie is very much a spanking/corporal punishment genie. A genie, that as I was growing up I wanted to keep very much hidden, after all no one wants to be known as the class kinky guy, well certainly they didn't in the 1970's.
So, for all that it was a big piece of me, it was a piece that I wanted to keep well hidden from friends/girlfriends.
After all I thought, how can I articulate this? “I want to show you how much I love you by slapping your ass with a lump of wood?” Nah, that was never going to happen.

So, I bumbled along thinking myself some kind of a freak, shamed by a huge side to myself, shamed of being me in fact!
Spin forward some twenty years, and I'm married and as secretive as ever. Except now I'm more aware of the abundance of BDSM stuff on the bookshelves (this is still pre the Fifty Shades explosion). The light switches on in my head, for these books and mags to be financially viable there must be a big market of like minded people.


Then we got broadband! Now I should point out here, that despite using computers all the time, I'm IT illiterate. I had a crazy paranoia about what I searched for, and was wary of porn sites crashing my system.
So, with that in mind I looked at the more mainstream sites. My favourite being Dailymotion, for anyone not aware of it, it's basically a French YouTube with a more liberal censoring. Ooh lah lah!

Also, nine years ago, this particular site had a social side to it, and a personal msg service. It was here that I met @Lori2015 , after some tentative msgs., an odd friendship grew. I couldn't dream it at the time that some nine years later we would still be friends, and certainly never would expect such great friends.
This was when my genie started to really push to be out!
We chatted, and kinda role-played, but the role plays were convoluted, almost story like. Then disaster struck, we brought down the direct msg system with over use. So, then we swapped email addresses, then decided to start the rosytales blog, in fact it was with her in mind that I chose Tomas Elu as my pen name, any Countdown fans should be easily able to work out that conundrum.

I started to open up more with myself, and became more adventurous. Chat-rooms were playing a big part of my evenings when my writing partner wasn't available. Either the chat rooms, or perhaps the blog, or a mixture of both changed my life forever.


Some four years ago I started correspondence with someone, the fact was common sense should have told me it was a doomed scenario. Those that know me on here could verify I lack the commodity of common sense.
The correspondence continued, in fact snowballed, culminating in us meeting. Culminating in the genie escaping, and my yearning of corporal punishment scenarios becoming a very corporeal thing.
The relationship collapsed through time, the impracticality of marriages, distances both physical and time difference.
However, it changed my attitudes about meeting people, be that “real life” or “cyber/Skype”. The genie was out and wanting to have fun!

In a way I've been lucky, I have met/corresponded with many people be that cyber or actually met. There is not one person that I regret having met. Do I regret anything? Fuck yeah, there were loads of things, that I wish with hindsight, that I had handled differently. But, as they say, hindsight is twenty twenty.


He is wandering about; prodding me into action; teasing me; confusing and frustrating me. However, for the time being at least he is going to have to sit on the sidelines as I try to sort my shambolic life out.
I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago, she was asking if I had sorted out my future living arrangements. I explained my short term plans, but told her “I need a place of my own, somewhere I can leave a bit rope around without worrying about it. Somewhere where I can put up decorated “breadboards” and eat sausage and marmalade sandwiches to my hearts content!”. After I sent that I re-read it and added “shit I sound like a perverted Paddington Bear!”
She liked the analogy, because basically that's what I am, just lacking the duffle coat.

Friday night, once I finally got to sleep. I dreamt I was walking along a tree lined track with a group of people, it was late evening but the sun was still bright. Odd shafts of brightness were intermittently bursting through the trees, the guy next to me said “I don't need these now” and took off his sunglasses and through them away.
Next thing I knew, the track had finished into an unfinished bridge, a vertiginously high bridge. Below us was a beautiful bay, a crystal clear turquoise sea lapping at the sands. As I said “I always hate this part” trying to work out how to get down, the sunglasses guy jumped off the bridge into the waters below.

I then woke up, what did it mean? Time for a leap of faith I guess.

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This time tomorrow I'll b back home , unpacked n back into my normal routine... Sucks cause I don't want this to end :(

Elite Pain
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I saw this on another board and thought it would be great for a blog on here: reference to the cheesy Swayze quote, "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" the idea of Corner-Time intriques me as a supplement to a spanking and I want to know more about real-world application to see if implementing it would make sense.
--For everyone here: What are (or have been) your personal practices with your partner when it comes to Corner-Time?
--Is it always incorporated into a spanking situation for you, or only for punishments?
--Before, after (or in between!) a spanking?
--Are there "rules" you and your partner have about body positioning, length of time, location, dress code, extra punishment if not compliant, etc.?
--From either the perspective of the one enforcing it, or the one doing the Corner-Time: what do you think the purpose is? I would imagine it allows the person to focus on his/her punishment, but am sure there is more value that I don't even know about.

As always, any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

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Nope - it's not a spanking issue per se - but one that bugs me nevertheless. It seems to us gorillas that you humans have invented civilization and democracy, only to forget the benefits which come with them, and forget how difficult they are to hang on to. Maybe you are just dumb animals like us after all?

Anyway - if you are tired of listening to the politicians - here are some tips on how to shut them up...

My lesson for today will be:


First you need an unwavering belief in your own ability.

Then you need to persuade your fellow countrymen and women that they are knee-deep in the shit and that you are “The One” to sort out the mess.

You hold rallies and make bold speeches in which you identify the cause of your country’s woes – usually unemployment or social deprivation caused by the immigrant population or religious/racial minorities. You get your security guys to rough up any dissenters who dare to heckle you – this makes you appear tough and uncompromising. Your supporters will love it! You tell them that it’s time to restore national pride and make the country great again.

All you need to do is convince just enough of the voters to give you a simple majority. As a general rule – the fewer people who can be bothered to vote, the better will be your chances.
Once you have been elected, you can go to work in “putting things right”.

You begin your administration by rounding up your country’s “enemies” . You encourage them to leave of their own free will at first. When that fails, you put them in internment camps until a more permanent solution can be found.

When opposition comes from the moderates who threaten to derail your crusade – you engineer a national crisis (a bomb attack upon the central government, for example) which will give you the chance to call “a state of emergency” and allow you as commander in chief to declare martial law, send in the Army and suspend the Constitution.

By the time that the liberals and democrats have realised the danger – it will be too late. There will be no more “free” elections and those who disagree with the way you run things can then be made to “disappear”.

Once you have sorted out the domestic opposition, you can turn your attentions to waging war against all the Johnny Foreigners who would stand in the way of world domination.

A Fantasy?

No – not really. It’s what happened in Europe in the 1930s. And it’s still happening in countries around the world today. Nationalism is on the rise – and apparently set to continue doing so.

So - if you are lucky enough live in a free country and to have a vote – then for God’s sake use it – and use it wisely.

The generation which fought and died for our freedom has all but gone now. Ignore their sacrifice at your peril.

‘Those who do not learn from history – are doomed to repeat it!’ (George Santayana)

Those who would ignore George Santayana can strip down to their bra and panties and form an orderly queue outside the door of my cage . . . erm . . . I mean office!

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Elite Pain
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May i just inform you, once again Mr G has changed my profile picture without my knowledge. And i didnt notice until friends started messaging me saying what a great picture it was.
Mr G found it ratger amusing and wondered how long it would be until i realised.

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After many people have said a wooden stool is useful, i finally persuaded Mr G to let me buy 1, well 2, 1 for the living room, 1 for the bedroom.
To the ordinary eye, it looks just like a stool to step on to reach in the cupboard, and as im only 4ft 8 thats quite a reasonable thing to have around the house.
To you and I, we will see a hard uncomfortable stool, sat in the corner, awaiting a reddened, hot, burning bare bottom to be sat on there.
Feet will be around the legs and not allowed to move, making the legs spread open, body leaning forward slightly so nose can be touching the wall, lifting the bottom slightly so Master can view his work of art on a perfectly rounded bottom, hands will be on knees, and she will be sat there until the timer goes off.

The stool is most definately uncomfy as i experienced a CPS treat this morning, NOT, after being cheeky last night in front of our son. I know i cant get punished there and then when hes around, so its my golden opportunity to be a cheeky little girl, tho i know i never get away with it, im not going to lie, i rather enjoy having that little opportunity to be deliberately cheeky.
After 12-15 strokes with the CPS i bared my bottom for the stool, getting the feel of the hardness, where my feet were to go, tho as it was my first time, i did not have to put nose to wall as we had dog toys everywhere and there was no space to move.
Ive now made space for the next time my bared bottom sees my stool.
It will also be used for me to bend over, cuffs can fit around the legs, giving perfect access for Master to blister my most treasured parts of my body.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what fun. :)

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Yesterday was a tough one. I had already had two rain checks on sex and set aside a morning fuck before leaving for the day, needless to say I was put off again without a single explanation. I stewed all day. It has happened before and I had had it. When I got home, she new something was wrong, yet chose not to ask, until late at night. We had it out.
I explained no more rain checks that are open ended. You cannot tell me to just "take you" instead of asking if you want to have sex. The roller coaster ride stops here. I get an apology from her, and what should I do? "ball's in your court dear".******* Well, I find her outside in pitch darkness sobbing, and my heart melts. " do you want me to suck on your cock?" NO, not right now!. I paced until my eyes barely focused. I stood in front of her and cradled her head against my chest. I feel the wetness on her face. I went back and forth between caressing her hair and lightly pulling it.
" How would you like me to fuck you?"*** NO WAIT, let me re phrase that.*** I am GOING to fuck you. I want you to go put on some clothes you don't give a shit about and meet me down stairs.*** A few minutes later she appears in an old hippie looking Sari type top and silky PJ bottoms. I take her over to the couch and she puts her had in my lap. She starts rubbing the bulge in my Jeans, and a couple of minutes later has my cock out and bathing it with her tongue. She has never done me wrong when it comes to oral.
After almost 5 minutes, I am wiggling my ass against the couch. I tell her " I know you are new at this, but when I am done with you, you will be an expert at sex." *** She got the hint about role play. "take me to your bedroom" she leads me upstairs, and as soon as I clear the door I say " it looks like you are hiding some big titties under that blouse"*** No, they're small. I grabbed the blouse at the neckline and tore it off of her. I felt a rush of excitement. I have wanted to do that for 43 years. " You little liar, look at these fucking titties, they're huge, get your ass over to the bed. I pushed her onto her back, ass barely on, and said what are you hiding down here?" Nothing.. " yeah right,*** again, I grabbed the waist band, and ripped her PJ's to the crotch and off her body.
I stood between her legs and rubbed her pussy with the BACK of my hand, then both sides. She was slightly moaning. Instead of fucking her immediately, I dropped to my knees and put my mouth against her pussy. I opened her with my tongue and located her clit. I concentrated on it, but on occasion, lapped the entire cunt. She was moaning and wiggling her ass, I sucked her clit into my mouth and used my tongue all around it. I knew she was close to coming. Her legs were on my shoulders and out of the way.
I slipped a finger in her and wiggled it around, She was making noises I have never heard before. I could hear my finger in her as I sucked on her clit once more. I did something I have never done before, I inserted a second finger and used my hand to fuck her while working her clit like a little punching bag. The moans and screams became louder than ever, which made me work even harder on wanting her to cum. One more time I sucked the entire area around her clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue all around it.
My fingers were working in and out and I was rubbing the thin membrane between her asshole and her pussy. She lifted her ass off the edge of the bed,with my face still attached, and came like she has never came before. My beard was soaked, as well as my face. I stood up and looked down at her. She was still wiggling. " Like that?".. Oh fuck yes! I slipped a cock ring on and worked it till I had a raging hard on. I pulled her legs up and over my shoulders and worked my cock into her. I saw her eyes roll back in her head. NOW, anyone who has ever used a cock ring will tell you that it prolongs ejaculation. FUCK THAT, It was not that long and I was cumming. When we both settled down, I said " I'm not done with you yet" *** She asked if I wanted her ass up on the foot stool? Yeah lets try. She moved it around and climbs on top of it's padded top. I kept her knees together and spread my legs for entry. I slipped right into a pussy I normally have to work my way into. " OH Fuck, that feels good " *** Uh huh... Until I came a few minutes later, that's all you heard. " oh fuck, shit, mother fucker, that's so good, I'm gonna fuck that pussy. She's moaning uncontrollably. As I fucked her I slapped her ass cheek harder than ever, my hand stung and I expected a negative response, but got none.
Each cheek got three stinging spanks, then, I came. Neither of us could barely walk, but I made it to the bed. She had to pee, but soon returned. We lay on top of the bed and I started caressing her titties. I spun around with my ass towards her and planted my mouth to her cunt once more. I've never eaten twice at one meal, and I was able to make her cum once more. My cock was still raging. Let's do the foot stool again.
This time I was not so lucky. The thickness of my cock head proved to be a challenge once more. It took almost 3 minutes to get in. Then I worked my ass side to side and found some lube. From then on it was as tight, yet slick, as if I were jacking off. Lowly, I heard " fuck me, oooh fuck me, fuck that pussy, fill me with cum, fuck me Master, fuck me Master. I did and did. I thought I might start speaking in tongues. Between her screaming " fuck me Master, and me panting, Oh fuck, I'm gonna fuck that pussy, I came, but not before clamping my big hand on the nape of her neck and pulling her body onto my cock. We were exhausted, yet a few minutes later I was trying to get back inside as she lay on her side. It did not work, so I said." put your mouth back onto my cock.
Nothing like being licked with a cock head full of blood. That $3.00 cock ring is worth more than all the viagra on the planet. I could not believe it, but as she is sucking on my dick, I suggested going back to the foot stool for one more. we did, and 7 hours later I still feel that love making all through my body. I asked my wife what she thought of having me tear her clothes off and have my way with her. All she said was " you are going to have to do that again sometime. I loved being helpless under your body. We kissed and kissed, then fell asleep.

Elite Pain
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No status, no comments, no avatar, no pictures, no likes, no dislikes...... No message no nothing!!!...... Not even a little message when you friend request me??....... I'm not gonna add you........I understand privacy but do you understand if u wanna ask me personal questions I wanna know a bit about the person asking them...... Tell me I'm wrong??.....also dick pictures?... No thank you!

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I can not believe that I am asking this, Because as an individual that had over 27 yr. of r/l experience in D/s, Taken in Hand Marriage and Spencer Spanking Plan, and been on the giving and receiving end a sound spanking.. However, I have never been concerned about bruising...Now that me and my new girl have a need for healthcare aides, and bruises legally must be reported to medical and legal authorities... After explaining why, how is it possible to apply effective corporal punishment on the posterior without bruises...

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My name is Jennifer Anna Marie Lopez putero rican 100% I am 29 years old born on may 15 I have a one year old daughter baby daddy not in my life he cheated on so I told him bye boy. Wanted to spank someone since I was in high school started spanking my wifey aka my girl yes i am bi anyways anymore u would like to know email me

Elite Pain
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If u would like to get spanked hard enough that u will cry cause u bad email me anytime

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Anyone feel like.talking today?? Message me just have a lot on my mind.

Wired Pussy