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Sir is never satisfied
Until my butts red raw
I'm never allowed to rub it better
He prefers me being sore
So I squirm and grit my teeth
As he lays on the cane once more
Through red wet eyes and throbbing ass
He does his caning duty
As he stands back with Swish and crack!
A well thrashed aching booty
Now I'm standing nose to corner with my hands upon my head
And sirs wondering if he couldn't make my butt a deeper shade of red...

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In Georgia, after going through several prospects, I finally found a spanking partner who clicked. Our ideas about punishment were similar, and he knew how to punish me to get the message across. We met regularly. He would come to my apartment once a month or so. He was usually congenial and upbeat, but when it was time for me to answer to him he immediately became In Charge and No Nonsense. I would be made to pull down my pants and panties and lay across his lap, and he would spank my bare bottom with his big, rough hand until I was quivering. He made me feel Punished instead of just pained. Most of the people I meet now want to do all sorts of different things, try different implements and corner time. They want me to talk through my transgressions at length, to answer to them. Some want me to talk dirty. One man insisted on spanking my bare breasts with his hand and then a belt. None of them can make me feel like he did; none of them have given me what I need: a punishment that shows me what a bad girl I am and makes me feel sorry.

I wish I could find that again. I need it.

Lupus Spanking
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In addition to our account, you can also follow us on Tumblr, on Twitter @GS_Hard and on Fetlife @GirlsSpankedHard.

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When my hubby is naked and across my lap, I love feeling his cock against my leg. I sometimes will stop spanking, reach between his legs and grab him and stroke him a few times...then stop and continue to spank him harder. It makes me giggle when I feel his hardness go mushy against my leg because of my spanking. I like to repeat this sequence throughout. For some reason, he doesnt like this.

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About twice a month, Spankingpersonalads.Com allows for free messaging between members. Today February 21st, 2018 is one of those days.

I have no connection to the site, other than being a member.

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Lupus Spanking
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So was told I will be punished for doing stupid things and putting myself into bad places . Witch I don't feel I need to be. What do u all think u all know me. And do u think I should be punished and how bad do ya think?

1 drove car with suspended l
2 cussed. At my SIR in text
3 overly drank tequila and Gin don't remember what happened
4told 2 cops off god I hate cops....
5 lied to SIR ...
6 got 3 tickets.
That's a shot list

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I have written about all my experiences, as a boy, as an adult with lots of links to videos and pictures. Please take a look.

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That night...
Kept awake...
Want to sleep...
So tired-please?
Wants to talk...
Getting mad!!!
According to HIM
Such a brat...
Not Sir-me!!!
Wanna go to bed
I whine & plead-
Tantrum almost-
Big mistake!!!

Over the couch
Panties down...
Swat after swat
Not fair-so mad
When I'm angry-
At least with me!!!
(Sir demanded)
I can't believe-
I said that to HIM!!!
In trouble now...

Bottom hurts...
Tears rain down
Cries heard!!!
I stop crying
Angry again!!!
My attitude-
Sir walks away...
I fix my panties
He returns quickly-
A piece of wood held
No-please Sir!!!
I beg & cry feeling-
Reluctant & Compliant
Confusing myself...

Bent over AGAIN
Ass bared AGAIN
Crying hard AGAIN
Whacked many times
That mystery wood-
Over finally-
Panties pulled up by Sir

Repeated AGAIN
This time-
In our kitchen...
Because I got mad
My attitude returned
Stupid-I know!!!
Sir surprised me-
Used a cooking spoon
It hurt a lot too!!!
Did I behave-obey?
Defiant still....
So spanked more-
Still in the kitchen
A spatula this time...
Surprisingly hurts!!!

My 4th spanking-
Ass very sore!!!
STOP-I yelled...
I pushed Sir away-
Still fighting!!!
Again-big mistake!!!
I can handle my spankings
Easily when so angry...
Anger takes over pain
However-once accepting-
Discipline spankings-
Stay very painful-omg!!!
So during my 4th spanking
I tried to stop Sir-
Didn't work of course!!!

I am thankful Sir-
Spanked me there-
Usually I get on all 4s-
In our bed....
So humiliating!!!
(Except during sex...)
Plus Sir's paddle-
"Stick of Pain"-
And Sir's cane-
Were too far away!!!

Such a dichotomy
Yet fighting/angry...
Making things worse-
Harder on my butt!!!
Will I ever learn?
Can I learn to obey?
I hope not...hehehe!!!

Lupus Spanking
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Hit me up with a message, lets talk Discipline !!!!!

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A rainy day,
unexpected leisure—I
couldn’t walk the dog if I wanted to.

The rain is falling hard.

The long morning will slip away.
I know, because I’ve been here many times.
A lifetime passes in disconnected moments.
Remember first grade, or high school,
interminable, so they seemed, and yet,
in retrospect, each milestone marked
a compression of time, where each neatly wrapped module
could be stored into memory.

And thus, a lifetime passes, these disconnected moments.
I listen now to echoes, and dote on moments
that were, indeed, interminable,
like a spanking that seemed it would never end.

Time stands still, when you’re holding out against the pain,
and the bliss of that pulsing afterglow feels like an eternity.

How I long to go across her lap again,
to that place where time stands still
and the swats are as relentless as the rain.

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At long last, I've decided to begin officially taking sessions!

Full FAQ, rules, info:

Written Sessions:
I do written directed spankings for $15 a piece guaranteed to have scolding, humiliation, ordering you to undress or wear the clothing you say you have, and how many swats to give each cheek. I will then end with a timeout.

Video Chat Sessions:
Skype directed spankings and scoldings are $75 for half an hour. $100 For Missy AND Miss Sephie! Doing everything we do for written, just verbal! We will scold, and give a directed spanking!

Custom Scolding Video:

In person session Prices
$125 for 30-45mins
$175 for Missy AND Miss Sephie to spank you!

Do you crave a no nonsense, full force, bare bottomed spanking like you would have gotten as a child? You've come to the right woman!

If I have quoted you differently in the past, you might be considered for a discount! After being told that I was charging pennies, I've shaped up my prices to properly reflect the services that I offer.

Lupus Spanking
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Master is fed up with my virus, along with his own virus, he's actually going to the doctors today because he just can't do anything with this pain in his middle.
He's not sleeping, eating is a struggle, and feels exhausted. This can’t go on.
He has a different virus to mine.

But he set his army of toys to battle today, fighting those pesky germs.
And they had fierce armoury, paddles, canes, bull whip, crop and hands.
Masters most treasured toys.
They paddled, they caned, whipped and spanked those germs.

But the germs are strong, they are led by their Sir, a strong, wilful giant of a germ.
They fight back with mini germs attacking them
But none of the toys give up.
They know Master will be angry if they don't win this battle.
It's been 3 weeks nearly, and Master is getting fed up and mad, mad with his own virus and mad with his slave being on sick leave.
The doctors aren't helping, just saying it takes time to go.
But Master wants life to return to normal, and so does his slave.

It's been weeks since she had her morning spanking, her bottom remains untouched and unmarked, and Master likes a beautiful bruised bottom to look at.
It's been weeks since she did her heavy chores, just trying to complete the ones she can do, the chore charts go unfilled for the time being.

It's been weeks since Master felt her mouth go down on his cock.
He's even managed to stretch to the bigger size of his PA,
But slave had no energy to play, plus she doesn't want to accidently bite his cock if she starts coughing like mad.
Yes she wants to play with his new bar, feel it's size in her mouth, could she cope with its size, but now at least Master can put his Christmas rings in, the ones his slave bought for him.
The most slave has managed to do was play then give him a hand job. Even that left them both shattered.

So Master's toys better win this battle, spank those germs away.
The sooner the better, whip those germs out of his slave,
His Sergeants stay behind to bash Masters germs too.
Throwing eruptions at them and blowing them up.
Different tactics to use for fighting his germs.
But Master knows he will win, one way or the other, his army will fight until they've won. Then life can return to normal.

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an ode to soap!
oh soap.... how I hate thee.....
you ruin of the buzz!!!
ruin of my point of view....
stupid soap

your horrid taste

your linger

you bastard...,. I hate you soap...

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an ode to soap!
oh soap.... how I hate thee.....
you ruin of the buzz!!!
ruin of my point of view....
stupid soap

your horrid taste

your linger

you bastard...,. I hate you soap...

Lupus Spanking
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How many words can you think of that start with the letter L.. Used in spanking ....and Go comment below

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Se só de ver uma mulher usando chinelos você já sente uma vontade enorme de entrar na chinelada veja meus novos álbuns do LookBook:
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Afinal, só de ver uma mulher usando cinta já dá uma vontade enorme de entrar na cintada não é mesmo?

Kissuha Nabbundha

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When looking for lifestyle parents if they were to have health issues would that be a issue? Also when looking for these said parents what qualities do you think they should have??

Lupus Spanking
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tired physically, mentally, emotionally................ all my thoughts lately r dark.... cant even force that plastered on smile anymore... ya know its bad when ya not only think about doin urself in.......but u spend a great deal of time planning it from beginning to much for a better 2018.......

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Day dreaming looking out of the window, waiting for her man to come home. Wonder what they would do?

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