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Oh i missed the spankocity grand opening.
Too busy being bad, i got grounded.
So wasnt allowed to look on my ipad.
Im gutted, that pesky master, knew it was on too.
Now what can i do ?
Im fed up and hacked off so im making master run the shop as im sulking. :(

161 views · 5 hours ago

Is anyone else up here. I'm in the basement here and can't sleep. If anyone else is up from there, any suggestions on getting to sleep? I can't be late for breakfast :(

85 views · 6 hours ago

Can everybody please stop shouting! ...I need alka seltzer or whatever. Why am I covered in bruises? My head hurts.

Women Who Punish
73 views · 7 hours ago

Ah the first day of business in this sleepy place, slightly cheesed off for missing the party i walk down to my forge, realise i forgot the keys i head back home cursing and muttering.
Get keys and walk all the way back. Hang about the door is ajar, i enter and find that the two Butt shields have gone. Hmmm now who could have pinched them?
Well i know only to well who has nicked them dont i Ditzy and Lotus lol.

103 views · 9 hours ago

Grand Opening was a blast and an over all success. We are going to go on with this for the entire week. Feel free to post your own blogs tomorrow. Show us where you live, what you do for a living in Spankocity. Introduce us to your subs /Doms or whoever! Give us a tour through your homes and shops and let's know more about yourselves.

At 7 pm Estern US time, school for Subs starts. Better be on time!

78 views · 10 hours ago

When people learn I still get spanked even though I'm 18 now, they are shocked. But your dad seems like such a nice man! they'll say. The truth is, that's not what's deceiving. I look like a good girl, that's what's misleading.

It's not like Daddy just beats my butt for no reason. I always do something to deserve it. And the truth is, usually I know better, and I do it anyway.

Like yesterday. I know I have a curfew, but I was out with my friends having fun, so I ignored the time. I could have gotten home in time, but I tricked myself into believing that maybe this time I'd get away with it. But of course, you couldn't get away with anything in my father's house. I came home over an hour late, and as soon as I entered the house, I saw my father's disapproving face. My stomach fluttered, and I heard a litany of excuses pour from my lips. Daddy listened to me blabber, then told me in a stern voice to come to where he was sitting on the couch. I dropped my bag in the doorway, and trudged over to him, head down.

"You have a curfew for a reason," he said.

"I know, Daddy, but--"

"Pull down your pants, and come over my knee."

It was useless to argue. I was an adult, but I still got bare bottom spankings. It was humiliating, but it got the point across. I pulled down my pants and my panties, and laid myself across his lap, my head down and my naked bottom presented.

Daddy didn't waste any time laying into me. He began smacking me hard, my bottom jiggling as the pain began to spread across my cheeks. I squirmed in his lap, unable to stay still as my butt was turning pink. Daddy used his free hand to pin me at the small of my back, effectively shutting down my wiggling. He smacked me harder for my troubles, and I whimpered.

"Daddy, please, I'm sorry!"

He ignored me, not even breaking the tempo of swats upon my poor backside. But I was sorry. I had willfully disobeyed him, and I regretted it. Boy, did I regret it. The problem was, sometimes I couldn't stop myself from being bad. Most of the time, the promise of a spanking was sufficient to stop my bad behavior before it started. But sometimes I forgot what it felt like to be ass up over Daddy's knee getting my butt blistered. Sometimes I thought I was smarter than him, I guess. Hubris, that's what the Greeks called it. I had that in spades.

My backside throbbed, the pain permeating my flesh, but Daddy didn't stop or even slow. I knew I was in it for the long haul; Daddy wouldn't stop until he decided I'd really learned my lesson, which usually meant tears. Sometimes I'd try to fake tears, but somehow he could always tell, and I'd just be in even bigger trouble. I moaned and struggled, but I didn't cry.

He paused, his hand resting on the enflamed flesh of my upturned bottom. "Why are you being punished, Carly?"

"Because I was bad," I muttered.

"And what happens to bad girls?"

Now the tears came. "They get spanked," I wailed.

"That's right," he said. "Bad girls get spanked on their bare bottoms."

He started spanking me again, and all I could think, over and over, was, I'm a bad girl. I deserve to be spanked, because I was bad and bad girls get spanked.

My father amped up the tempo, slamming his palm across my butt over and over, quicker and quicker. I cried from a mixture of the pain and the humiliation and the knowledge that I really and truly deserved to be right where I was, over Daddy's lap, reddening bare bottom up, getting a sound spanking.

When it was over, Daddy made me stand up and step out of my pants. He sent me to the corner, where I would stay for God knows how long, nose pressed to the joint of the wall, well-spanked bottom on display. I deserved this, too; I had been bad, and I knew it. A trip across Daddy's knee had taught me that, even if I hadn't been able to see it before, back when laughing with my friends meant more than being obedient. So you see, it's not that my father's mean. It's that I'm incorrigible, and I beg for correction. Some children grow out of it, and I hoped I would one day soon, but I hadn't yet. Daddy knew it, and he always made sure I knew it, too.

Women Who Punish
144 views · 11 hours ago

Don’t break the law in our little city,
or you’ll be taken in front of the judge.
He’s a fair-minded man, and he’ll show you no pity,
but nor will he carry a grudge.

The last word is his,
and you won’t be imprisoned,
nor exiled, nor branded, nor fined—
but don’t make the mistake, ever,
of thinking that his brand of justice is blind.

He won’t bang a gavel when he passes sentence—
he holds court in his jeans and a cap,
and assures the defendant will come to repentance
when he pulls her over his lap.

No slick-talking lawyer will lodge an appeal—
A spanking cannot be undone!
This brand of justice is final and real,
and besides, the judge thinks it’s fun!

65 views · 12 hours ago
1527 views · 12 hours ago

Let's party Brats! Oh and Dom's too. Implements at the door. Brats you'll find your Brat Packs at the door as well. You will find an assortment of items surely to drive the Dom's crazy tonight. Have a blast, get a spanking and keep the alcohol coming! Lets do this!!!

Women Who Punish
62 views · 13 hours ago

Please read the wonderful blog of JustJeanie right below and enter by commenting!

227 views · 13 hours ago

Picture a town in the country, nestled in the rolling hills. It's acreage is dotted with ponds and lakes. It's is home to a community of like minded residents. They share a love of spanking! Welcome to Spanko City!

The population is comprised of a wide range of wonderful people. They are good, friendly, creative, humble folks. Some have a penchant for naughtiness and others, a desire to guide and mentor the brats, the scofflaws, and the troublemakers. It's a symbiotic community of people who love to spank and those who need a good licking.

Spanko City has a lot to offer. A school for submissives, run by our resident Head Mistress. Feel free to enroll your errant subs for training and discipline, while you are working. Our justice system is very efficient, headed by our own stern judge. The Sheriff and his deputy have their hands full, tanning the hides of those who are in need of correction. Our boys and girls are frequently sporting red bottoms, for their shenanigans.

Our business district has a number of vendors and services for you to enjoy. Main Street is lined with a Bookstore and Cafe, an Adult Novelty Shop, a Panty Shop, a local Newspaper and Writers Guild. You can eat at Jumping Jack's Restaurant, stop at our Lounge for a drink or grab dessert at the Sweet Shop. If you are in need of a leash, muzzle or collar, please visit the Pet Store.

We have all the amenities of health Care. A local Dr. will tend to your needs and bandage those tender behinds. Her couch is available for counseling as well, and is very comfortable, we understand. A Farrier is located just out of town, for you horse lovers. He often is assisted with the labor by wayward residents. He has a number of crops and straps at his disposal and is very capable of taking a hard line, when necessary.

Whether you are a naughty boy or girl, a bit of a brat, or just someone who enjoys an occasional warm feeling in their pants, we have Dom's and disciplinarians, to accommodate your needs. We hope more of you will move into our little town. It is a place of mutual respect and love. If you need a good spanking or you're dying to give one, we have lots of possibilities. We think we'll all get to be better friends. TO ALL THE BRATS, NAUGHTY GIRLS AND BOYS, IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE !!

Our thanks to LOTUS AND INFINITY for all their hard work !!

61 views · 13 hours ago

First day with a new disciplinarian..
Had my first spanking with a new disciplinarian today, was pretty swift but it Made an impact, completely nude I've the knee with the hand for 3 minutes , bent over a chair with the hand for 3 minutes , grabbed ankles for 20 belt swats, leaned up against a wall with butt sticking out for 15 swats with a switch, capped off with a dildo insert and 10 razor strap swats in each cheek, very intense first meeting

Women Who Punish
64 views · 15 hours ago

I still love being spanked, but I am enjoying spanking other guys even more!
I use my experience to know how to be a good spanker and all my spankees are very satisfied.
Personally, I get a sense of power and control over someone else and that is very exhilarating!
I wonder what others who have switched from spankee to spanker think?

68 views · 15 hours ago

Fellow citizens! Fellow Spankos!

The time is almost up!

Check your clocks!

1hr and 40 mins from now, our gates will open and then we're gonna welcome you all to our beloved Spankotown!

C'mon in, grab your meatloafs, cakes and beer... oh and don't forget the paddles!!!!

Have fun!

Next blog's gonna be the starter!

81 views · 17 hours ago

My birthday coming up no one to give me a birthday spanking darn

Women Who Punish
83 views · 1 days ago

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Ditzy....

Happy birthday to you. And many more....

I hope every birthday swat to your little brat rear,
brings you much joy to an exciting new year.

I have a brat friend named Ditz.
Who's very quick with her wits.
She sure knows how to give her Dom fits.
So he makes sure she never sits.
Though she doesn't easily tire.
So her bottom is always on fire.
But we wouldn't have her any other way.
For Ditz Just make our day.

Love ya girlie. Happy Birthday. See ya tonight. Lets raise a ruckus! hehe.

103 views · 1 days ago

Yep it's my birthday....received lots of lovely gifts....but the best is yet to come.....the start of SPANKO!!!! Can not fucking wait. Lol

102 views · 1 days ago

After a complaint from a very dear friend on here about our lack of videos recently, Master decided to do a good one.
So this is for everyone to enjoy, but especially for @Jackthelad.
Master uploaded the video, hence the lack of details. But he used his new whip and Jokari paddle, the rubber studded paddle and cane.
Unfortunately it went on for a long time so he only downloaded the spanking.
I was owed 5 face slaps, ( seems to be his thing, coz he knows I dont like it ),
5 slaps working up from hardish to really hard.
Then a long play with the magic wand.
Unfortunately Master's cock is a bit too stingy and sore stil, after his piercings, so he is abstaining from any action for a while, so I couldnt play with him, which is a bit unfair but understandable as I was the same after mine.
So hope you enjoy our video.

Women Who Punish
62 views · 1 days ago

Could use that spanking but oh well guess I'm to old or Tulsa guys can't handle me anyway question want would you do if I basically laid around just did little at a time don't make my bed since that is where I spend most of the time eating chips drink Dr depper yes I do laundry take trash out do dishes after that sometimes I go spend money either at Walmart or casino if I was yours want would you do

140 views · 1 days ago

I know there are people who just won't accept the thought that a man can submit to a woman without losing his dignity, pride and masculinity. And there are women like myself who love to prove them all wrong.

I am a dominant woman, I am DD, I am the one telling my men what to do. But at the same time I'm in awe and amazed and full of respect.

It takes a real man to fill those shoes! It takes a real man to hand power over, willingly, and go down on his knees - or over mine ;)

Someone calling submissve men "wimps" or "spineless" is just a fool and only shows lack of self esteem. Picking on others is the perfect symptom for someone who is scared to the bones in case a dominant woman walks up on him.
"C'mon look at me! Look me in the eyes and say it again, if you dare..." (yeah, figured as much...)

This discussion goes on and on and on among Spankos. It always has been there and it always will be there. But I want to get one thing straight here:

To everybody who feels like submitting to a woman is a wimpy thing to do - be my guest! I'll make you apologize to all submissives and kiss their feet!

Thank you for reading
yours respectfully

Dominated Girls