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(courtesy of

To all the soldiers who gave their life.
So others could live in peace without strife.
A moment of remembrance, a moment of pause.
I give you this somber and silent applause.

To all the soldiers laid to rest.
That my heart can beat within my chest.
To the soldiers whose resolve was absolute.
I offer up this humble and heartfelt salute.

To all the soldiers in an unmarked or forgotten grave.
Thanks to you, we are The Home of The Brave.
And lastly, to all the soldiers who never made it home.
Rest in Peace Brothers, know you are not alone.

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Though Memorial Day is usually set aside to honor our fallen military, we should also not forget our friends and loved ones that have passed. So maybe we should take some time this holiday weekend, with the parties and picnics, to sit down with the young adults of today and teach them about the wisdom and love our parents and grandparents have given us.

So while we are teaching our young adults about those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, let us also teach them to remember those that preceded them, reminding not only them, but ourselves, about the sacrifice they made to give us the life we have today.

Ellis Island Registry Room

Have a very safe and happy Memorial Day.


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That Hand, in the softest of the touches.
A single word, softly spoken.
A simple look, that send your heart racing.
It's a type of the body language so effortlessly displayed.
Silently spoken, in a language that only you can understand.
But when you hear it...
Dear God, when you hear it...
It brings you to your knees.


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Happy spank holiday weekend to all in the UK! I'm getting geared up to write something on here soon x

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I got myself into some major trouble yesterday and was told that I am to be paddled the next time I see my friend who spanks me. I'm freaking out about that already even though it is weeks away. I've never been paddled before. I thought the belt was awful but I'm afraid the paddle will be even worse. I'm new to this and am sure that the only kind of spanking that I like and can tolerate is the hand. Does anyone know of anything I can do to make my butt as numb as possible before I see him? I can already picture myself pleading with him to have mercy even before the first swat. I don't even know how many I will be getting. I know I deserve this and he is only doing this out of concern for my health but I am so anxious about this. The waiting is hard enough as it is. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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What follows is a cluster of reasons that I found on the Internet that explains why some of us love the idea of being spanked:

I am addicted to the feelings I get during the process of arranging a spanking-- realizing I need it, deciding on calling my disciplinarian, making the call (hanging up a few times), etc. I am addicted to the nervous feelings during the process of going to the spanking-- showering, making sure I am presentable, making excuses at work, the drive and ringing the doorbell.

I am addicted to the stern look of the spanker who I prefer as a dom (stern, but compassionate actually), and the whole ritual of the spanking-- having to confess what I am most embarrassed to confess, seeing the spanker move their chair into place or hear hear them make preparations as I stand in the corner.

I am addicted to the feeling of total helplessness, the embarrassment of whatever nudity is involved, and the nervous anticipation during the whole ritual.

The pain-- well I hate it, truly-- but what it produces is exquisite-- the only thing I think to compare it to is what runners report as the runner’s high. There is a point where I absolutely cannot take anymore, then the endorphins or whatever kick in. The pain is still there, but I am riding a narcotic rush.

After a good spanking, I am drunk with endorphins to the point It is unsafe to drive without aftercare or at least a rest. If I am with a good disciplinarian I feel forgiven, cleansed, relieved. Why do I need spanking to produce this experience? That I haven’t figured out. I only know that I have felt the need to be spanked, witness spanking, or give spanking since my parents stopped spanking me. I am now in my 40s, and it has never ceased. I do desire to be spanked by an older person (not always older but at or around my age).

I enjoy the feeling of being watched over and taken care of. I don't want to be stifled and quieted but I am willing to be submissive to rules. Discipline is my number 1 reason for wanting to be spanked.

¥ pain play heightens sensations and releases endorphins, a belief that's frequently extolled and widely espoused.
¥ spanking falls under the category of "light play," which is generally a more socially acceptable form of kink.
¥ the slapping sound is pleasurable for some people
¥ the heat generated on and against the surface of the skin is also pleasurable for some people
¥ the patterns created by an especially hard or long spanking session are aesthetically pleasing to some people
¥ Spanking can help recreate Daddy, Mommy, schoolteacher, & other disciplinarian role-related fantasies
• Spanking scenarios can serve as a form of sex therapy, possibly helping some people to reshape, re-experience, and come to terms with traumatic memories. Of course, go carefully with this one, and make sure there are other caring support systems in place if the above is true.

Other Reasons People Like Getting Spanked
The foundational reasons:
1. Seeing someone to get spanked and wanting to try it, whether it is at a party or in a movie.
2. Hearing about it or reading about it from various sources such as psychology class or talking to friends.
3. Having someone try it on you and discovering that you like it, such as a domestic partner introducing it to you.
4. A brutal childhood spanking inadvertently causing an involuntary sexual experience, thus altering a person's sexual development. There is medical evidence to prove that this happens. Studies show that it can happen to children as early as age 4. Brutal spankings on children are strongly discouraged.

Current sexual reasons:
1. Enhances sexual arousal by sensations traveling to the sexual parts.
2. Sets the mood.
3. Causes an increase of hormones to flow through the body, thus increasing the body's ability to get aroused.
Non-sexual reasons:
1. Puts a person into a euphoric state.
2. Relieves stress.
3. Relaxes a person.
4. Settles emotions, some people may use spankings to relieve them of emotional pain, but that is not the case for everyone.
5. Relieves a person from a guilty conscience.

Sensational reasons:
1. The initial pain can be enjoyable.
2. The burn, vibrations and sting during and afterwards can be enjoyable. The Lower Ass Valley just north of the Upper Thigh Province — is a tender zone that, when smacked just right, rouses the neighboring genitals in both men and women.
3. The feeling of sitting on a freshly spanked butt is often enjoyed by both sexes.
4. The feeling of a nicely swollen butt that can last for days after a spanking is often enjoyed.
5. The sensations of the hand or implement touching the skin or hitting the skin is enjoyed.
Time of day that can be enjoyed.
Morning spanking can be best because the after sting and sensations after getting spanked can be enjoyed throughout the day.
Night spankings can be good because going to bed with that fresh sting can make me sleep better.
Other side benefits of getting spanked:
Feeling of being a child or restored youth. Many enjoy it as a safe way of ceding control, as well as the ritual and role-playing that often goes with it since the bottom is a highly erogenous zone, sharing nerve-systems with the genitals - so the heat of a good spanking soon suffuses the whole area.

1. And of course there's the humiliation aspect, which we all need in order to feel loved. But beyond that, you could say that spanking is simply about people. "Me, basically, it's just kind of the intimacy," says KC Spanks Club founder Rich Spankman (of the East Hampton Spankmans), "but that's not a term I really want to use either, because it implies sexuality and that's not what I'm looking for." Maybe delightful? "Friendly. Like a friend... more like a friend." The bottom line for spanking is that there is no bottom line, except the bottom line, which is so infuriating, it just makes you want to put the whole thing over your knee and give it a good, swift slap.
2. Feeling content.
3. The feeling of normalcy especially if you have been spanked often.
4. It feels like there is something missing when not receiving a spanking.
5. Familiarity, things seem right when getting spanked. Things can seem strange or out of place, like there is something wrong when not getting spanked.
6. The feeling of adequacy.
Because spankings are not sinful, they are relatively safe and for the most part only have cosmetic long term side effects, enjoy it. Embrace it.

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Goodmorning everyone!, I'm laying here in bed, dreading the fact that i have to get up and get ready for work right now,but I hope everyone enjoys their day and gets plenty of spanking in! i unfortunately, got the paddle last night and its official I truly hate wood! video should be up soon so enjoy! wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday!

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I'd just like to say:
A very big WELL DONE! To all of you that put a little info about yourselves. Even if it's only what Country you're from. Thanks! :-)))

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The following is a story I wrote for another on-line site and thought I would share it here.

"Pamela, I need to see you in my office, now," your boss said to you on the phone. After walking into her office and proceeding to sit down as usual, she sternly looks at you and says, "I didn't tell you to sit down, now stand there next to the chair." This was uncharacteristic of her to sound like this, she must be really mad you thought. "I have been watching you lately and I demand knowing what you are doing at your desk instead of working." With a feigned innocence you deny that you have been doing anything wrong. "I will give you a chance to change your story," she said, growing even angrier than before. Still, you denied anything wrong. Not waiting any longer, your boss dropped the news. "I have suspected something wrong for awhile, so I had our systems analyst set it up that I could view from my office what you were doing at the computer. Can you guess what I saw?" Shaking because you knew you were caught, you stammered, "No ma’am, what?" She then told you all the things she found; erotic stories and chat room type conversations. You broke down in tears and began to tell her everything, your interest in talking with men about being spanked and even sometimes setting up "appointments" to receive a spanking.

"I have to tell you Pamela," she said, "that I am disappointed with you for a couple of reasons. First, I am surprised that you would use company time for your "perversions." And second, which actually hurts worse, that you didn't come to me and talk about these feelings. I thought we were friends. In my life I have been on the receiving end of a whip or paddle, and I know what that can mean for someone out of control. And you Pamela, are out of control! What are we going to do about you?" "Will you fire me?" you asked. "No, but I think I have a solution that will work," she said with a smile. "First, go over to the door and open the blinds covering the window." -- After that she told you that you were going to receive the disciplining that you craved and that she was going to administer the punishment. She told you to reach up under you skirt and pull down your panties and hand them to her. Nervously you reached up under your skirt and tugged the white thong panties you were wearing down your legs, stepping out of them you gave them to her. "My, Pamela, you dress so sexy under that business suit of yours, I wonder what other charms you are hiding? She took your panties and felt them and noticed that they were very damp in the crotch. "What's this, I do believe that you were getting excited while you were standing here, now weren't you Pamela." You couldn't deny a thing. "Well I'll bet that in the next few minutes your secret garden will be overflowing with excitement," she said, with her own passion beginning to rise. "Come over here and place yourself over my knee, there's nothing like a bare bottom spanking over the knee to start things right! Wait a minute, "she said," there is too much material in your skirt to be comfortable bunched around your waist, stand up and take your skirt off." Now naked from the waist down except for your stockings, you placed yourself over your boss's lap.

Contemplating your magnificent bottom she finally said, "I think that one hundred spanks to your fair bottom will be a nice place to start. And Pamela, I want you to count for me." After each twenty-five slaps she stopped and stroked your backside with her hand and fingers and told you how bad you had been at work and that naughty girls needed this kind of discipline to keep them in line. After the one hundredth, your bottom was indeed quite rosy. "There," she said, "that was for playing around on work time. Now we will have to do something about the way you didn't trust me enough to tell me about your "situation." I have always been partial to the belt myself. Get up and walk over to the closet and bring me the belt that is hanging on the hook." It was only then, while walking to the closet, that you realized that people were crowded around the window in the door. The other employees upon hearing the commotion in the office came to see what was happening. Embarrassed, you tried to cover yourself, but it wasn't very successful, at best you could only cover your pussy. "Now bend over that coffee table," she sternly ordered, "and you better hold on to it." Stepping back she measured the distance she would need. Since it is eleven o'clock in the morning I am only going to give you eleven "cuts" with the belt. And this time I want you to not only count for me, but also tell me that you are sorry that you did not tell me that you needed discipline." The belt sang through the air eleven times, and eleven times the sharp crack of the belt against your bottom rang out. Eleven times was heard the gasp and moan that came from your lips. And yes, your boss was right, because of your squirming around and rubbing your thighs together, a sticky wetness was noticeable at the top of your quivering thighs. When all was done your boss told you to wipe your pussy dry with your panties and put your skirt back on. You were to go back to your desk and hang your cum soaked panties on the front of your desk. When you sat down your instruction was to pull your skirt up to your waist and sit on your sore, naked behind. --- You diligently began to work again until a message appeared on your screen, "Hello Pamela how are you today - Bunreder"

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I have referred to myself as a switch and a sub.
I have never called myself solely a Dom
The other night though I was told I was a kinkster
more than a sub
So I was like 'what the hell am I'

But you know what I am me
And me is ok.
I am happy and contented being me
I love to be dominated by a strong man
and taken for all I have to give.
I love being spanked and occasionally spanked very hard
For fun and to be bring me into line.
I enjoy flirting and playing with men and women
I have spanked a man before for fun and hope to again one day
as we both enjoyed it.
I like to dress up and play my part.

I don't really need a title so I'm just going to be
ME from now on.

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what do you think?

would like to hear your opinions

would you like to see a video?

(((I do not know if I dare the
because nettles are really stupid)))

tongue out

veryBadGirl ^^

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Can someone explain to me why I'm still on here , don't get me wrong I love everything on here and everyone does a great job , I just don't get why I can't keep someone interested long enough to keep talking to me ?

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I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I was in a sort of shitty mood and was picking fights with Daila over the dumbest things from the time I got out of bed. Of course that only lasted as long as Daila’s patience for that kind of behavior. I had walked into the kitchen for a few minutes to pour a drink and when I got back to the bedroom there was Daila, holding a thick wooden spoon. I had realized early on that I was not being very good and was wondering when I would end up pushing her “Spank Me” button. I don’t even remember what it was exactly that we were arguing about when I left the room, I was in such a mood that I didn’t really care...but whatever it was I said before I left the room was what it took to trip the switch. Now I was facing a stern faced Daila holding a wooden spoon.

I stood there for a few seconds thinking about what a dick I had been so far today. Daila knew she did not have to say a word. She stood patiently waiting for what we both knew was a necessary evil that had to be perpetrated upon me in order for both of us to have a better day. I did not wait long. I knew what she expected of me. I walked to the edge of the bed and pulled my shorts down to my knees. I took just another moment to ponder what I knew was about to happen...and then I slowly bent over to take my place over the edge of the bed to present my ass bared and ready to accept what I had earned for myself. She waited behind me for the final sign that I was ready. I slid my arms up stretched out past my head and pushed my ass up further by going up onto the balls of my feet. She really likes looking at the backs of my legs stretched out with the muscles tensed and my calves bulging from holding myself up this way. I was completely ready now. She responded by sitting right up next to me half on and off the bed with one foot still on the floor so she could still develop the power she decided that she would need to make her point clear. I felt her left hand lightly rubbing the small of my back and down to my tail bone before it became still just at my waste line in the center of my back.

She whispered a pledge of her love for me and reminded of the things that I had done all morning that led up to this situation. She made sure that I understood that this was necessary in order to get my attention and make the rest of our day wonderful. All the while she spoke, I could feel the cold smooth wood of the spoon as Daila rubbed it all over my ass. She occasionally used the spoon as a wedge to separate my ass cheeks so she could get a good peek at the rose bud nestled below. Then it was time. With no warning she brought a flurry of smacks that seemed to last forever. In reality, it was probably three full minutes of non-stop swats at full power. By the fourth or fifth hit of the spoon I was already pulling up the sheets into my tightly clenched fists. Daila never gives a spanking less than her best effort. This time she did not realize her own strength and we both heard the snap of the wood on one of her down strokes. She had busted the spoon on my ass.

Of course, I thought this would put an end to the spanking and as Daila got up from the bed with her broken spoon, I began to follow. She was quick however, to put her hand back on my back to push me back down to the bed. “Wait right position” she ordered. I looked back over my shoulder to see her walk into the closet and I could hear her rummaging through her spanking implements. She came back with another, even thicker wooden spatula. She wasted no time in getting back to business, and kept me bouncing, hopping, and clenching the covers for several more minutes before she asked me if I was centered yet. She stopped the spanking to wait for my answer. I searched my soul looking for an answer when I realized that if the spanking had completely centered me then I would have had that answer at the tip of my tongue and ready to give her when she asked. Unfortunately for me, I had to respond honestly and say “no...I am not centered yet.” She acknowledged my response with another good three minutes or so of the hardest swats yet. My toes even curled from the pain of her assault. It was then that I realized that I was becoming centered. I no longer felt mad. I did not feel like being argumentative anymore. I was ready to be a happy guy and go on with our day in peace. I still had to wait for Daila to ask again, and that would not be for a few more minutes. Those last seconds of the spanking hurt, but drove home her message that my earlier behavior was unacceptable.

This time when she asked, I was very ready to proudly tell her that I was now centered, that I had learned my lesson, and that I was ready to have a great day with her. The spanking stopped. She caressed my sore and stinging ass with her hands full of lotion to soothe. She gently cared for my tortured ass cheeks and gave them each several minutes of her focused attention. When she was done, she advised me that I would have to now repay her for everything she had done to make our day better. I did not understand what she meant by this, but she ordered me to lay flat on my back in the center of the bed. As I got into position I saw her taking her shorts and underwear off. She then ordered me to lay still as she straddled my face. She put a pillow across my upper legs and laid her head down on it. Her sopping pussy was just inches from my face, I could smell her excitement...and it was good. She laid there for a minute quietly before ordering me to stick out my tongue and keep it as far out as I could get it. Once my tongue was sticking straight out, she pushed back onto my face. My nose was burried in her ass crack and she began riding her clit up and down on by tongue and chin. She humped my face nice and slow for a while as her juices filled my mouth and pushed up into my nostrils. She was wetter than I have ever seen her. Her slick salty sweet slime covered my face and dripped down my cheeks just before she climaxed.

As she came, her thighs clasped together, and her ass cheeks clenched. She bowed her back and sat straight up on my face for about thirty seconds while she slid her slit back and forth across my entire face before coming to a stop with her quivering pussy hole right on the tip of my tongue. She held this position while her cum slowly drained out into my mouth. She ordered me not to swallow any of it until she told me that I could. I held the mouth full of juice and held it some more before she finally pulled her pussy off of my tongue and ordered me to swallow.

She came to lay next to me and cuddled with me for a bit. We smiled at each other in an almost giggly state. Since we finally showered and left the room, our day has been excellent.


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unconditional love n care is probably one of the greatest things there is, and maybe someone will give me that one day, but until they do I guess i will just get spanked in this dd lifestyle!!!!! Yesterday, My day didn't start out to great because of the environment I work in, I am verbally abused on a daily basis, I truly have had enough, and when June 8th comes I will be done with my last class until July when i start my masters degree program, and hopefully my current situation will be have improved.

But last night my mentor came by and I told him str8 up either you gun contribute to my discipline and maintenance, or I will be replacing you, and I pretty much got my ass handed to me for the way I expressed my feelings to him, but I really didn't gaf because I was long overdue! I did upload the video,but it may take some time to show, because I have been converting and format issues, but they ST team is working on it, so please be patient.

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Yesterday my bum received a hell of a spanking and tawsing beacause of attitude and and bad language.
i have uploaded pics for you.
still very tender today

Take care xxx

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I am certainly a friendly outgoing person and wish to establish friends on this site! However, if you don't know me, please send me a message or two and get to know me before you spring a friend's request on me. I like to make my list a true list rather than just adding anybody who asks. Thanks guys!

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[i]Just Giving Up- by LB

Since I was a toddler
i learned
that people walk away
but new people fill their places
and they hurt you too
I haven't even been with
a handful of men
people walk away
an awesome man Philled my happiness
and he hurt me too
as a lady now
i have learned
that i love being loved
that I will never
get my Phil
because I deserve just
what I am...

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As another UK holiday weekend approaches, I was wondering if anyone was going off to any interesting places to stare at their phones?LOL

I'm planning three days of self-imposed seclusion, the year is almost half over. And after the best plans in January, I find myself in 2015, as I was in 2014, floating aimlessly on a sea of emails.
So, as everyone one knows, great literary works do not write themselves. Surprisingly though, the stuff I pump out also does not write itself.

So for me its sheaves of paper, black coffee, and a highlighting pen, as I delve into the dark arts of editing.

Hope everyone has a spanktastic weekend, and I bid you all a fond adieu.

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Life has been very rough lately. I haven't had to take my depression meds in several months. Which in a way is good but also bad sometimes because I get depressed some days and don't want to get out of bed. I work way to much! And live in a terrible situation. I just feel upset all the time. And stressed I'm so stressed its not even funny.

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I've just spent almost 20 minutes being tortured, it was my own fault but I felt it was something I had to do.
No I didn't let some of my spankees get their revenge on me, nor did I endure some CBT or wax play. It was worse, much worse!
I actually listened to my nephew and niece's school concert or as much as I could bear.
My youngest sister always sends me a link to the video and kindly tells me the times when her kids do their bit. Normally I have a quick look and then email saying how good they were despite them being pretty awful.
With a bit of time on my hands today I thought I'd watch from the start. At first I thought it was all a joke and the various kids would stop messing around and actually play properly but they didn't that was their best effort. The parents were going wild with the applause.
Sadly my nephew is no better on the violin than he was when he started about three years ago, it still sounds like someone twisting a cat's tail. My neice is marginally better on the piano but you still have to play guess the tune.
Don't get me wrong, there were some talented young performers but they were well outnumbered by the mediocre and down right awful ones.
At least I'll be able to tell my sis the kids did well, much better than the boy on the tuba.
Now I'm going watch some spanking clips and enjoy a malt whisky or two. Cheers to you all!

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