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Howdy folks and happy Friday to y'all.

Want to start off by saying thanks to goodboy, SRC, yrrah1596, OldJimSlipper, dfantasy2live, japan64, and the others who have posted some really good stories and poems on here as of late. Over the years I have noticed that the blog area has waves of good literary efforts and we appear to be riding a good one at the moment.

Since it is Friday I thought maybe a more comical, not so serious aspect of spanking would stir up some discussion. I bring this up for a couple reasons.

First one is the animated show Archer. I have not seen an episode yet but a friend of mine told me the main male character enjoys spanking women with a ping pong paddle. Any truth to this? Anyone?

Couple of weeks back I had a late 90s flashback while whooping up on some friends at GTA V. There is a "Random Event" mission where the player picks up a girl that is lost on a dirt trail while hiking. Taking the girl back home on a motorcycle she happens to say: "What are you going to do, spank me? Tie me up? Make me dress up like a schoolgirl? Because, I'm OK with that. I get so lonely out here."

Then the other day I noticed TrueDiscipline has a cute new AV of Bugs Bunny spanking a lady wabbit. Also noticed a couple of AV's here have comic characters like Batman, and other cartoonish pictures have included the Joker spanking Harley Quinn. Repgram1 has a photo of Superman spanking a lady and Redbumdreams stated she calls her Daddy "Superman". Believe a few others have similar AV's but I can't recall every one. So if you do have one, what was the motive? We would all be interested to know.

When it comes to comic books I was never huge into them, but it should come as no surprise that I am big fan of The Punisher. Aside from having the coolest name, I dig his style. He rocks the Johnny Cash look, don't rely on a posse of friends to fight his battles, and he don't need any unrealistic powers to kick someone's ass. Frank Castle just takes care of business, real man style. And he don't look all girly like Spider-Man.

One lady I work with stated to me that porn of any kind will never work for her after seeing Dolph Lundgren in the first Punisher film. Obviously she enjoys a spanking as much as most the women here do, I know this first hand. By the way Lisa, I know you are reading this, get back to work lol.

So my question to the submissive folks out there, are there are any characters that float your boat in a similar fashion? I open this to both men and women as Halle Berry swinging a whip around in her awful Catwoman movie was sexy, not to mention how hot that leather outfit was. For the people on the flipside of that, what characters would you take after? Even if it's the one I mentioned still throw it out there.

In the 80s my mom used to always comment on Christopher Reeve in his portrayal of Superman. Have to say I am sure more than one women reading this thought he looked sexy in his Man of Steel outfit.

Originally the director asked Mr. Reeve to wear a padded suit. Being the true man he was, Mr. Reeve hired a trainer and got pumped up for the role. He was a textbook "Tall, dark and handsome" sort of guy and well educated at Cornell University. Sadly it was 9 years ago today his wife Dana joined the Man of Steel in there hereafter.

Last, anyone remember spankings depicted in older cartoons? I think there was a Flintstones episode where the women were paddled in a hazing ceremony. Also remember a Tom and Jerry where the cat's behind was hanging out of a window after getting stuck and the mouse worked it over with a paddle. Even animated his butt to be red and throbbing.

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i was punished....
i was unished for my last bad behaviour...
i pratic self spanking... so my disciplinarian assigne to me a very hard punishment...
i put down my panties and i start to spank my naked bottom with the brush....
i riceved fist round of 50 stroke each cheek,...
then another 60 each cheek.... then another 70 each cheek--- i start to feel unconfortable.... my bottom is pinkie... and my disciplinarian order me to continue....
100 stroke each cheek... then another 100 each cheek.... my bottom is very red now... and my master ask me to send to him a picture.... but it is one of my personal rules.... i decide to not post picture of my bottom in chat or on spanking tube... so him order me to continue the spanking or to send a picture... i opposed to him and the result come for my bottom....
100 other stroke each cheek followed by other 100...
i ask him to stop my bottom is very red with some bruise...
but..... he order me to continue with 100 stroke each cheek in siaper position and 50 stroke EACH SIT POT .....
at the and of punishment my bottom is terribly sore... and today 3 days is passed from my punishment but i still have havier bruise on my bottom....

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The 50 shades blog was as I stated not written by me.It was sent to me by a friend in UK,I changed it somewhat before posting it
I just learned from my good friend Sir Red Cheeks that he had posted it on here some time ago.
I just want to say,he and I must share the credit for this funny piece.
A toast to you Sir.

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So i had a workout session with my trainer today. And at the end of our workout i happened to look over into one of the rooms in his gym to see a wooden paddle. And immediately all types of thoughts started running through my head. But still trying to figure out what to say. If so it is definitely a small world.

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My wife bought a paperback
When she went to town today,
I had a look inside her bag;
T'was "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Well I just left her to it,
And at ten I went to bed.
An hour later she appeared;
The sight filled me with dread...

In her left she held a rope;
And in her right a whip!
She threw them down upon the floor,
And then began to strip.

Well fifty years ago;
I might have had a peek;
But the old gal hasn't weathered well;
She's eighty four next week!!

Watching her bump and grind;
Almost made me sick.
And things then went from bad to worse;
When she toppled off her stick!

She struggled back upon her feet;
A couple minutes later;
She put her teeth back in and said
I am your dominator !!

Now if you knew about my missus,
You'd see just why I spluttered,
I'd spent two months in traction
For the last complaint I'd uttered.

She stood there nude and naked
Bent forward just a bit
I went to hold her, sensual like
and stood on her left tit!

The old gal screamed and her teeth shot out;
My god what had I done!?
She moaned and groaned then shouted out:
"Step on the other one"!!

Well readers, I can't tell no more;
About what occurred that day.
Suffice to say my dyed blond hair,
Turned fifty shades of grey.

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The Anatomy of a ‘Tutorial’ – part 2 – By Ricky
Slight pressure, I hear the bell and know that it is now too late, I’m committed

The arrival
As I stand waiting, I contemplate whether I should just turn and run, my escape, but no, deep down I know that the punishment I am to receive is necessary, deserved, required, it has to be, Emma stated so in her letter.
I take in my surroundings, why so familiar, I have been here before. The house is large but not imposing, detached, probably built during the 40’s, unassuming, in fact it could be anyone’s. But it’s not anyone’s! How little others know of what happens within these walls.
Then, I hear movement and in a heartbeat the door opens and she is there:
My ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’
I am invited in and timidly I follow her to the kitchen. I know where I am, I shudder briefly as I pass the long hallway to my right, I see the door at the end, I recognise the door, I have passed through it in a previous life – déjà vu, I know what lies behind it, the ‘punishment room’.
Time for the pleasantries, I am offered a hot drink which I gratefully accept, and she gestures for me to move to the large refectory table which dominates the kitchen. My mouth is dry and I almost burn it with scalding hot tea as I try to provide it moisture.
‘You have something for me’ she asks. I hand her the letter and the package and watch her closely as she opens the envelope and examines the content. I watch intently, monitoring her every expression as Emma’s instructions become clear. As she reads I am captivated by her beauty, she is in her late thirties, long blond hair neatly arranged in a pony-tail with a complexion other women would die for. She is dressed classic ‘business’ style, with a contoured skirt, white blouse and what I assume are stockings. Her long legs are punctuated with black heels.
She picks up the package and our eyes meet as she begins to separate the layers of wrapping, ‘Emma is very unhappy with you at the moment Ricky, you’re out of control aren’t you, I feel my mouth opening as I respond weakly, what can I say, I am here, does that not speak volumes?
The content of the package is now revealed and she holds the paddle firmly, analysing its shape and feeling its balance, does she plan to use this?
Her expression is unsympathetic and forbidding and her eyes take on a coldness which chills me to the core. ‘Emma has been very specific Ricky hasn’t she? I am to do whatever is necessary to bring you back in line’. Despite the tea, my mouth remains dry and all I can do is nod, unable to deliver any words to mitigate what is now inevitable.
She continued ‘Emma has asked that I punish you severely, you know why, don’t you Ricky’? With that she raises herself from the table and points towards the hallway, ‘You know the way Ricky, the end door, strip to your briefs and wait for me’
The Punishment Room
It’s like the ‘Green Mile’ as I slowly make my way down the hallway until I reach the door. The handle feels ice cold and as I turn it, I hear the catch. The door is stiff but with gentle force it opens and I am confronted with the full reality of my situation.
It is dark and out of instinct I reach for the light switch; god! I know where it is, have I really been here that many times for it to be so familiar?
The room is large with soft carpet, the initial darkness a product of the plain blackout curtains shrouding the huge bay window.
I scan the room, reacquainting myself with the contents, sofa, armchair, bookcase, but wait, that wasn’t there last time. There in the centre, a bench, not a seating bench but one designed for one purpose only.
I could see that the bench, about waist height and of a heavy wooden construction had been designed and constructed for restraint. That was its only function. With its padded cover and heavy leather straps for the ankles and wrists it could have no other purpose. Neatly placed across it was something I recognised instantly, a cane!!
I stood for a moment shaking, fear, that’s what it was, plain and simple I was frightened!
I moved to the corner of the room, to the armchair, I need to undress. Slowly I start stripping, trainers, socks, a little trouble as I fumble with the button on my jeans but eventually they are off. My top next and I am now down to my briefs. I feel an edge of discomfort, Emma had been very specific on what I was to wear and in response to me continuing to buy and wear lingerie she had selected a pair of lightweight white lace panties which she had previously caught me wearing, these would afford me little protection from the punishment to come.
I placed my clothes neatly on the armchair and moved over to the bench to investigate further. I picked up the cane, rattan, with a darkness in colour I had not seen before. It had weight and as I clutched it between my hands I measured the flex throughout its length. This was a serious instrument and as I placed it back on the bench, my bottom tightened and I became aware that yet again I was trembling uncontrollably.
And so it begins
My mind was racing, when will it start, how will it end? I crossed the room to the bookcase and in an attempt to distract, studied the titles, ‘The art of discipline’; ‘The complete guide to spanking’. I reached out nervously and selected one of the books, ‘Dresseuses d'hommes’!
As I did so I heard the door catch, the door opened and she was with me.
My ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’
As she stood in the doorway I knew that what lay ahead would transform me, I was in no doubt.
She walked over and confronted me, ‘So Ricky, have you found anything of interest’? I was speechless! Official in her attire, stern and foreboding she gestured towards the bench. ‘Ricky, do you know why you are to be punished, do you understand how severe it must be this time’? I was weak with my response, embarrassed standing there in lace panties, so inappropriate, but she seems oblivious to that. I muttered some form of all-encompassing apology which was probably for every misdemeanour I had ever committed in my life. ‘Did you read Emma’s letter Ricky, before you came here’? I confirmed that I had been shown the letter so as to understand why the need for discipline, ‘Yes Miss’, I responded.
‘Do you know that Emma phoned me after you had left’, ‘why’ I questioned, ‘Emma has specifically asked that I apply my own brand of discipline, to be creative, do you know what that means Ricky’, I shook my head, unable to fully grasp the gravity of the position I was now in, words again deserted me.
‘It means Ricky that I have Emma’s full authority to punish you without mercy and trust me, that is my intention’.
She took my hand which was shaking in sync with the rest of my body and she gently guided me towards the waiting bench.As we moved closer to the bench I turned, faced her and in an attempt to appease, I managed enough words to plead with her, 'please, please, don’t beat me too severely'. ‘I’m sorry Ricky, it has to be’, she smiled, picked up the cane and placed it almost ceremoniously on the armchair.
‘You need to go over the bench now Ricky’. I felt the softness of her hand between my shoulder blades as she tenderly eased me forward, placing me across the waiting structure.
Once positioned, she moved in to restrain me and at that point I realised that Emma had finally and fully tired of me and that the severity of the impending punishment would be of a level I had never before experienced.
I felt the heavy leather straps being tightened around my ankles and then my wrists.
I was now in her domain, her world and there was no escape, no words that I could possibly use to prevent the punishment that was to come.
I could feel her presence as she walked softly to the armchair, picked up the cane and returned to my waiting body, exposed and vulnerable. She was behind me.
My ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’
‘Ready when you are Ricky, shall we begin’

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I wrote an ebook which can be purchased at this link:

I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate love and support on this.
IF I sell 5 in the month of march I will write a new one, post a blog more regularly (maybe bi weekly) and even get a video and some pics of my friends!:)
Please support some real, individual and new spanking stories!!!

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-19 today here in Michigan. Being a naughty boy and staying home. All I need is a good firm hand to warm up my bare bottom.

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Does anyone know of any spanking events where I could go to in the uk? If so do you need tickets? What do you wear? How would I get people to spank me? Is the spanking done in public or private?

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There's a new Kindle book on the shelves over at Amazon, "Birches" by Rose Ashton. That would be me! Rose Ashton is my pen name. It's really just a collection of my favorite blogs, twenty or so. The sexy cover alone is worth the $0.99 price tag and it's free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited. Actually, it's a nice little book with a clickable table of contents. There is so much writing talent here, we could probably fill a whole shelf of ST Kindles.

If you do decide to buy or borrow it, I'd love and appreciate it if you wrote an honest review. The whole little project was a lot of fun and not as hard to do as I thought it would be. Have a look:

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As I sit and wait, I toy with the idea of lighting the wood burner, but if They don't arrive it will be unbearably hot in the little study. So I decide just to have a little fleece hoody handy, should They arrive tonight.
It's odd, that when I bought the old vicarage, my intentions were to thoroughly modernise it.

Now though I spend most of my time, and money, trying to make this study look as old as possible. They seem to prefer it that way. So out went my stereo, and my computer station, in came an old green leather armchair and a small a old fashioned sofa. After a great deal of rutting around in the attic space, I found some old photos of how the room used to look. I also found two old oil paintings that used to hang over the mantle, a little restoration, and they were as good as new.

Hawking around flea markets, to find suitable horse brasses, inexpensive, but time-consuming, all worth the effort. You see, the older this wood panelled little study looks. The longer They will stay, but when They will arrive, is another thing. Then I feel the now familiar drop in temperature, I reach for my fleece and put it on. When I say a drop in temperature, I mean a plunge to almost sub-zero. Then I hear muffled voices coming along the landing. Then They enter, through the closed door. As always the older, austere looking lady with the carpetbag leads the way. The younger girl in tow. Where are They from?

I don't know, really the question should be, when are They from?

At a guess, I would say, going by their dress late Victorian, early Edwardian. The technical term for them, is an imprint haunting, a tableau that has to repeat itself for all eternity. Having changed the room, however, seems to increase the tableau's length, with each little regression in time the show gets that little longer. I call them They because I know nothing about them. The older woman, could be the vicar's wife or sister?

The younger girl, dressed in black, could be a maid or a young widow, or even a younger sister, who knows.
What I do know is what will follow, once They have arrived.
The older woman will say. "I cannot allow such lascivious behaviour in our house, a house of God!"
The younger will say. "I'm so sorry, it won't happen... it won't happen again."
To what behaviour?

What They are referring to I don't know, but the outcome is always the same. The older lady sits down on the sofa and beckons the younger forward, patting at her lap. The younger, her face already deathly pale, goes one shade whiter, as she drapes herself over the waiting knees. The older one, unbeknownst to the younger, has a little smile at her charges distress. She then lifts the young girl's skirts up high on her back. Bringing her drawers into view, as always she parts the rear flap of her drawers, to bare her little cherubic buttocks. At this point, I sometimes like to have a wander. The whole scene is akin to watching a video, over, and over again. However, this though is not like watching any video, no matter how HD or 3D.
This is living the moment. You see this moment, is actually living itself out in front of me. I can move around the room. They are blissfully unaware of me, no angle, no view is out of bounds. As the spanking starts, I can take my pick of vantage points. Looking into the young girls eyes, as the blows rain down upon her bared behind?

Crouched down, behind her ankles, staring at her labia, as the folds of her sex do a little dance of their own to each blow?

Or looking into the older woman's eyes, trying to work out what it is that drives on this pain lust?

The choice is always mine, different views, but the same soundtrack, of slapping, and squeals of pain. Tonight though, I decide to relax and sit out the hand spanking from my armchair, a nice warming tea in my hand. I watch the older woman's face, almost as flushed as the girl's poor posterior, her blue eyes sparkling with the joy of her task. I know the spanking is nearing it's close. The young girl is distressed, but not in full tearful flow. Yet. I rise from my seat and make my way to behind the sofa, knowing what is to come next.

"Right, get up you shameless little hussy." The older woman orders. The young girl rises shakily to her feet.

"Pass me my bag." The young girl obeys, with fear in her eyes. The older woman delves into her bag and pulls out first a leather strap, about a quarter of an inch thick. Then follows a yellowy white tubular object, about four inches long, the sight of which causes the girl to gasp out.

"Please, Ma'am... no, not that... please it's so shameful!"

"Silence. You weren't thinking of shame half an hour ago were you? Now lift your skirts and take down your drawers." The older one orders.

Reluctantly, the girl obeys, giving me a view of her lush, thick black pubic triangle. "Now over the back of the sofa."

The girl moves into position, her sweet heart shaped face just inches from mine, I look deep into her hazel eyes, waiting for the older to begin her ministrations.
For weeks, this had me puzzled, what was the purpose of this white object. Eventually I tracked down what it was, its was root ginger.
The young girl was going to be figged; the root ginger in her anus would make her keep her buttocks relaxed for the strapping to follow. I watch intently, as her facial expression changes. I know the older woman is first inserting one finger into the girl's anus, to ease the way for the root. The girl grits her teeth and closes her eyes, in pain, and humiliation. I look at the older woman's face; she is grinning, enjoying every moment of this. Then with the root in place, we all wait. I can see the expression on the girls face change, as the heat from her fundament starts to build. Sweat is clearly visible on her brow, I want to reach out, and touch her, to console her. I never do though, that could break the charm, so I just watch.

"Please, Ma'am... I'm truly sorry... I'll never do it again." The girl pleads, her pleas fall upon deaf ears.
The strap falls for the first time, the girl's mouth opens wide, in a silent scream, her fingers dig deep into the back of the sofa. The older woman, lifts the strap back for the second blow, a look of almost orgasmic relish in her face. I hold my breath, in anticipation... then They both fade away... to nothing.
I'm in the room alone again.
I wish They would stay longer.

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What can compare to walk on summer’s day
Through woods bedecked with foliage so green
Where primroses and bluebells in array
Hide little creatures scurrying unseen

What joys the forest dost in Summer bring
By pond and mere the little tadpoles play
Above on high skylark and blackbirds sing
Their songs of joy that make the forest gay

And then in midst of quiet woodland glade
Beneath the canopy of singing bird
We spy the hapless form of Sue the maid
Bound tight and gagged; her mournful screams unheard

Whilst bold Sir Roger birches her with glee
That she should learn the beauty of a tree.

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I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had been spending too much money on game tokens/extended lives online. The games I play on Facebook are harmless, unless one buys additional tokens and lives, etc.

Being as frustrated as I am right now with the disappointing birthday weekend I had with Michael, I have gone overboard (again) with my spending. Not only on iTunes but also on eBay and clothing sites. I expect to get a good return on the clothing but not so much on the other purchases. I will enjoy the eBay items when they get here but the money I have spent on game tokens/lives is simply wasted.

I thought about taking my laptop or tablet away from myself as punishment for spending the money but realized I'd know where I put it so that wouldn't work and I wouldn't be able to enjoy ST if I did that. I tend to overspend when Michael is out of town anyway but since he left Sunday evening, it's been balls to the wall with me.

What to do? What to do?

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I'd like to be climbing a young Birch tree,
And climb silver branches up a snow-white trunk
Towards heaven,
till the tree could bear no more,
But dipped its top and set me down again.

Thrilling my heart and soul
both going and coming back

One could do worse than
be a swinger of birches.

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Was ich nicht mag....

Ich mag keine:

-Ratten in der Burg


-schlechten Manieren

Viele Menschen scheinen zu glauben, dass im WWW übliche Umgangsformen außer Kraft gesetzt sind. Oder sie wissen es auch im RL nicht besser.
Wahrscheinlich letzteres.

Wenn Du ein kleingeistiger, unreifer, verlogener, armseliger Verlierer
bist, der sich in Selbstmitleid suhlt und sich hier ausheulen möchte, dann hau ab. Für solche Wesen habe ich nicht einmal im Netz Zeit.

Du bist anders? Ganz anders?

Dann trete nur heran, ich beiße auch nicht zu fest ;-)

Big Rocky

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I walk into the motel room, a note lays upon the bed.

"My beautiful,
Stay dressed, put the blindfold on and kneel in the middle of the floor, your back towards the door. Hands behind your back and head down.
We will meet soon. I hope you are wet for me."

I take a moment to let my breathing settle and to compose myself I do as the letter orders.

I am dressed for my blind meet as ordered. Button down maroon blouse, a shade to compliment my skin, and a loose flowing black skirt. Under which is my best sexy bra and panties set, ivory lace with black embellishments. I am hoping my Master will like them. He has said I am beautiful and sexy and please him already.

The blind part of this meet is the fact that he has seen me, but I have not yet seen him.

My body is still virgin to his touch.

I hear the door open and then close. I smell his cologne and feel his eyes on me. He steps closer and sits on the bed beside me. I feel a finger run down my cheek I gasp, he chuckles. "Easy beautiful," the finger traces my lips, "The fun has only just begun. I see you dressed to please me."

I let out a shaky gasp, as I sense him standing and moving to stand in front of me.
"You are so beautiful on your knees. This blouse is perfect." A button is undone. I feel my skirt being pulled up slightly. "Hands behind your head my Love."

Another button then another.

A hand is touching my collar bone and tracing to the top of my breast.

Another hand is under my arm, "Stand for me Beautiful."

He helps me up. The rest of the buttons are quickly undone, and my blouse now lies open and I shiver with anticipation.

"This skirt needs to come off," M says as he pulls it ever so slowly over my hips and allows it to pool at my feet. I feel the breeze as he circles me, feel his breath on my neck.
A kiss.

A sweet wet kiss on my neck.

I lean my head to the side in hopes to have another.

"Hands down my naughty little vixen." I feel my blouse fall as my hands come down from my head. It brushes the backs of my legs as it pools at my feet alone with the skirt. "Hmmm, you are such a naughty girl, it's very dangerous meeting me like this."

A kiss on my shoulder.

A shiver runs through me as his kisses run down my arm, to my hand and then to my fingers. Kissing and nipping every fingertip. And then to the other side he does the same. A hand to my chin and he is drawing my face up.

"Are you excited my girl? I can see by your shivers and erect nipples you like this ."

A kiss on the lips, strong and firm yet almost chaste.

A feel a hand at the clasp of my bra.

Fingers slip the straps down my shoulder and off. Hands and lips.

Tongue and teeth all at once I feel on my breast. It feels so good I think I might cum on the spot from just this first fondling.
My knees start to give way but before they do I am being backed up against the wall. My hands are in his and then brought above my head and pinned on the wall. I realize he has stopped. His Hands by my head, elbows at my armpits bellies touching hips pinned legs held tight in his, he has me caged against the wall.

"Do you wish me to stop beautiful?" he asks me with a kiss.

I barely manage to say "no, please continue Sir." Before his lips are crushing mine with another kiss.

Kisses down my chest, my belly, along my pantie line. Ever so slowly he slides my panties off my hips kissing back and forth both sides as he goes all the way to my toes. Then he kisses each one as I step out of my panties. With left foot in his hand, he kisses up my leg and inner thigh, brushes his nose in my little bush and then does the same with the other leg. He stops yet again and nuzzles his nose in my bush inhaling the fragrance of my arousal.

His hands run up my thighs spreading my legs as he ascends upon my mound. One finger brushes my lips, and they part for him almost begging him to continue. He parts them wider, and I can feel his fingers rubbing my lips and avoiding my clit. My knees weaken at his touch, and I am very glad to be against the wall. He stops and runs his hands up my sides and to my breasts. "What fun we are going to have," is all he says as he steps away.

I do not move and try desperately to catch my breath and calm myself so I can hear what he is doing. I hear fabric rustling and shoes hitting the floor; the bed creaks as he sits down on it.

Then silence.

I can only hear him breathing. I start to feel the butterflies in my stomach as I know he is just staring at me. I must be a sight. My hands are above my head my lips are swollen from his kisses. My nipples hard and breast plump and whisker rubbed. Knees open wide and thighs glistening with the juices flowing from my pussy.
I hear him stand and walk toward me. "take my hand," he leads me to the bed.

"Over my knee, I going to give you a reason to be breathless."

I can feel my blush start as I do as I am ordered. "So very lovely," M says in a low groan.

He starts to spank my bottom firmly, rhythmically. I moan. He picks up his pace, and the strikes come faster and harder.

"You need to be over my knee. You need to know what it feels like to be taken care of."

M continues to spank my now red hot bottom until I am begging to cum!

Fingers are now slowly moving up my inner thigh and then sliding into my slick wet pussy, I spread myself wide for him. I feel a wet finger on my lips. I open and taste myself.

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I am, understandably, cautious about whom I accept as new SpankingTube Friends. I want to know who people are, thus I will not Accept Friend Requests from people who have not filled out the More Info section of their Profile and do not share any information about themselves.

Neither do I ordinarily Accept people who have very recently joined SpankingTube.

That said, I very much like meeting new Friends and corresponding and sharing with those people who themselves are honest and willing to share.


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The last time Sean was punished was by his girlfriend's mom and another boy who was having sex with his girlfriend. This "relationship had been going on for a week. Sean's Girlfriend Suzy would have sex with Chris while Sean watched and was spanked and masturbated by his "Mommy", Suzy's Mom. Chris Spanked Sean many times as well and had turned Suzy over his knee at least twice.
One night Sean was home with his Mommy when Suzy and Chris walked in after going out. Mommy had planned to milk Sean's bare little pee pee in front of Suzy and Chris and then give him a good bare naked spanking in the diaper position before he watched Suzy and Chris having sex. Then he would be put to bed with Mommy.
Sean was in his mid 20's as were Suzy and Chris. Suzy's mom was around 45 and Not currently married. She had dominated Sean and made him do as she told him.
As Suzy and Chris walked into the living room mommy turned to Sean,
"Sean, little boy, I am going to humiliate and embarrass you in front of Suzy and Chris tonight in addition to your normal discipline."
"Do you have to Mommy? I have tried to be a good toddler boy for you."
"Sean now you know you hesitated and whined about your punishment last night and when I said you had to lick mommy's bottom you put up a fuss!"
"I am sorry mommy."
"Sorry or not you will take your punishment and learn your lesson tonight!"
"Yes mommy."
Suzy smiled and turned to Chris,
"Little toddler boy is going to get it tonight." She giggled
Chris smiled,
"Yes he is. Then we can make him watch while I have sex with you and cum inside you and make you pregnant."
Sean gulped. He knew this day was coming. The day he would be completely cuckolded and embarrassed. There was no stopping it now.

Mommy undressed Sean and laid him on a large adult sized diaper changing table. She made him lie still on his back.
"Hold still little toddler boy. Mommy is going to play with this bare little pee pee right in front of Suzy and Chris. A boy your age 23 being milked in front of them. Lay there and take it little bad boy!"
She grabbed his small bare penis with two finger and began to stroke it with her baby oiled fingers. Sean lay there completely at her mercy whining and moaning while Chris rubbed and felt Suzy's firm, plump, round, bottom. They both laughed at him. The humiliation was washing over him.
Suzy smiled and said,
"Look at you! Being milked and toddled like a little naughty boy! look at that bare little pee pee being stroked! That little bare pee pee is why Chris gets sex with me and will breed me tonight and you watch bad boy!"
Mommy looked sternly at Sean.
"After I milk you I am going to spank that chubby bare bottom of yours little boy! What does Mommy call your little chubby bare bottom Sean?! What does Mommy tell you to call it little boy?!"
"My chubby bare coo coo Mommy!" Sean said whining.
She stroked him faster and his pee pee got to it's full erect size like 2 1/2 inches maybe 3. He began to moan a lot and squirm.
"Hold still! Mommy needs to milk this baby pee pee"
Sean's penis squirt a little and she wiped him clean. She then stripped him bare naked and lifted his legs by his ankles. The most humiliating spanking position.
"Time for you spanking little toddler boy! A grown 23 yr old being spanked like a toddler! Shame on you bad boy!"
She began rhythmically spanking his wiggling bare cheeks. Slowly at first then slowly picking up the pace.
"Ask Mommy for your punishment Sean. Ask mommy to spank you good to teach you a lesson!"
"Please Mommy spank my naughty bare coo coo good. Ow, ow, ow! Spank me till I cry like a toddler mommy! Oooow!"
She spanked and spanked and spanked until he began to bawl like a well punished child. The whole time Suzy and Chris watched and laughed at him.
She let his legs down and put his t-shirt back on only and made him get of the table. He knew what was coming. They all walked into Suzy's bedroom and Suzy and Chris undressed. It was time for the sex and more humiliation....
(to be continued)

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Last night I think I might have had BoT at his patience limit with me.
I was a very tired, sick and cranky girl who had gone over her calorie count for the day. I informed BoT that I had gone over in hopes that he might let me slide just once after the day I had. I got up early and was ready to go watch wrestling. I got stuck in a friends driveway we never made it to the tournament. Spending 45 minutes trying to dig, push, and drive your car out of the side of a hilly driveway was not in my plans. That only started my day. We made it home and I started to feel sick, I eat when I do not feel well, and ate over my calorie count for the day. Giggling at that thought now but, I still tried to convince him it was not a big deal to go over just once and I did not have to tell him I was over in calories and the fact that I was not lying to him should be enough. *blushing* (I was not feeling myself, the brat came out.) My strong disciplinarian gave me 2 options. 1. to workout and burn the calories I had eaten off, or 2. Not do it and have to embarrass myself on camera for all of you to see.
I did not have to think very long to answer him I was looking for a workout to do.
Even while I was doing my workout I was trying to get out of it, my puppy dog eyes do not work on him I found out, and I remember telling him I knew I would be grateful for his help later but I was not feeling the love at the moment. He just let me ramble, write, and sweat my frustrations out. Today is a REST DAY! I will not be going over on calories and I will not be having to choose if I want to workout while sick or film myself being disciplined. THANK YOU BackonTrack!

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A school spanking was what triggered my interest in spanking years ago. In second grade I had a terrible crush on my teacher who was probably only 24-25. In my eyes she was beautiful and I became the teacher's pet for most of year. But, near end of year I did something really stupid in class that hurt a girl in the class. Ms Zoe made me stay after school and I knew she was really angry at me, but I was totally unprepared when she pulled me across her lap, tugged my shorts and underwear down and paddled me until I was bawling like baby. It was terribly embarrassing when it was happening, and it was the only time she ever spanked me, but still get tingling in my stomach today when I think about it. Oh, by the way, she informed my parents afterward and I got it again when I got home from my mom.

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