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Sessions will be available in a domestic premises in London at the end of January.

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Last night my wife decided it was time, to return to normal life for us. For a month we have been visiting my wifes family and and living close with them, so I have not been over my wifes knees getting spanked for a month.
But that ended last night.

I was doing the dishes when my wife came up behind me and patted my bottom. When you are done with the dishes, I want you to strip down to your underpants and go and stand in the corner she said. It has been too long since I have had you over my knees and your behavior has been far from acceptable lately.
I am going to give you a good hard spanking tonight young man and you will be very sorry by the time I stop pinishing you my wife said with a stern voice.
Is that understood young man? Yes Maam I said and got a hard slap on my bottom.
Good then my wife said, I will go and change and get ready to discipline you young man and walked into our bedroom.

I finished the dishes feeling nervous, anxious and excited. I obediently stripped down to my underpants and placed my nose in the corner as I was told. I was felt an erection building and tried to stand still in the corner, with all the emotions running wild in my body. After 5 minuttes my I heard my wife come out of the bedroom and place a straight back dining chair in the middle of the dining room. I was now totally excited and had a rock hard erection at the thought of getting spanked over my wifes knees.

My wife came back into the dining room and I could hear her high heels an the wooden floor as she walked across to the chair and sat down. I was now very nervous, not having been spanked for a month and thinking just how much my bottom would hurt and sting. I stood shifting from one foot to another in the corner, having a rock hard erection in my too small underpants and had very conflicting emotions about getting spanked.

Just then my wife ended the suspension. Turn around and come over here young man she said sternly. I did as she told me to and saw her sitting on the dining chair, wearing her tight black leather pants, high healed ankle boots, a white tank top and black leather gloves. In her lap was the wooden bathbrush and my handrestraints were laying on the dining table behind her.
I was so excited that my erection popped out of my underpants and I slowly walked over and stood in front of my strict wife.

Hands on your head young man my wife said sternly. I obeyed her at once. Now young man I have had it with your naughty behavior she scolded. I warned you to behave better this whole month or I would give you a very hard punishment spanking, did I not young man? Yes Maam I said looking down at the floor in shame. Look at me when I am talking to you young man my wife scolded and grabbed the wooden bathbrush. I obeyed her and saw her slapping her left palm with the bathbrush.
Yet you kept behaving like a naughty little boy, being rude, disobedient, defiant towards me and backtalking me.

I was blushing by now and my ears were burning from the stern scolding my wife was giving me. Well that ends tonight young man. I am going to spank you until you are crying uncontrolably and begging me to stop young man. You are not going to want to sit down for a week after tonights spanking, I promise you that my wife scolded.

Do you have anything to say for yourself young man my wife asked sternly?
I am sorry for the way I behaved I said and bowed my head in shame.
Not as sorry as you are going to be, when I send you back to the corner after your spanking young man my wife said.
Now pull your underpants down to your ankles and stand on my right side my wife said.
Blushing deep red I pulled my underpants out over my erection and down to my ankles and stood naked in front of my strict wife. My erection dripping pre cum on the floor.
Let me see how quick I can make that go away young man my wife said and ran her left hand up and down my erection. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of myself for not having any control over my excitement.
Quickly she fastened my handrestraints to my wrists in front of me and ajusted her position on the chair, making her tight leather pants squeek.

Over my knees young man my wife said sternly. Obediently I placed myself over my wifes leather clad knees and felt my pre cum covered erection rubbing against her leather clad thigh. This was as always a few moments of heaven for me.I felt her lock my handrestraints to the front leg of the chair she was sitting on and placing the wooden bathbrush on my bare bottom. Now I was helpless to do anything about my spanking and felt my wife gripping my hip with her left hand.

Let this be a lesson to you young man she said and lifted the wooden bathbrush high over my bare bottom and began spanking me. The pain and sting of that first spank on my right cheek caused me to buck and yelp and before I could ajust to the pain my wife landed a spank on my left cheek. God it stung after a month without getting spanked.
My wife settled in to a steady rythm of hard spanks alterning from left to right cheek, really letting me know how angry she was with me.
I pleaded and begged within a minute and was squirming over my wifes leather clad knees as she gave me a well deserved bare bottom spanking with the wooden bathbrush.

When my wife consentrated on my sitspots and upper part of my legs I shrieked in pain promising to behave and do anything she said, if only she would stop.
This is a punishment spanking young man she scolded and I am going make sure that you obey me and do as I say from now on young man. You deserve this spanking and you know it, so from now on and until you are standing in the corner with your well spanked bottom on display, the only thing I want to hear from you is yes Maam. Is that understood young man?
Yes Maam I whimpered.

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I've been in such need of a good spanking lately. i think a consistent dom male or female would be best ....leave a comment to let me know you're interested

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Here I am up at 1 am playing games can't sleep have two interviews today want would you all do if I came up with an excuse not to make it to interviews and just keep taking money from you all

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So the car I was in yesterday caught fire . The today So went to get car towed today waited two hours for tow truck driver and he gets to the car and don't get out of his truck I walked up to the truck on 85 shit load of traffic and he was leaned over his. Steering wheel. I opened the door. Climbed up to him asked if he was ok. And he had no pulse the man was fucking dead had massive heart attack.... Oh my God..... What's next for real . So in the mood to drink get shit faced I mean over the top shit faced. Dammm my nerves are shot. Never get that look out of my eyes ever dammm..... Now have massive headache due to stress.... Laying down trying to relax... It's not fucking working though dammmm...

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Today was good didn't get upset in meeting today no spanking ha ha he he and for the comment some one posted on my blog yes and no about really need it some time yes some times no

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Thank you everyone who looked in on me n reached out...things r rough but I'm still standing n will continue to do so...

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This may be a little off topic, but I attend church every Sunday mostly for the music. In January I'll begin another three-year term as a member of the vestry. But unlike the first time when all I did was sit there quietly and say "Aye" to every motion that was moved, I plan to stir up the hive this time and take the minister and his buddy the bishop to task for their policy that bans same-sex marriages in the church. Over the summer I played guitar at my first gay wedding held at an expensive resort hotel and thought, "Why can't my church do these?" Well, it's because the bishop forbids it. He also forbids any ministers to officiate at them off of church property. I like my minister personally, but if you want to see the hair on his neck stand up on end just mention something about his officiating a gay wedding. He just goes nuts.
I have a three-page essay all prepared that I plan to pass around that will cause the sky to fall in the eyes of a few, well, mostly the minister. He's like what an old journalism professor of mine once said about former Supreme Court Chief Justice William Renquist: "He's a heckuva smart guy, but his morals are back in the 14th century." Like most people with whom I've discussed political differences, I expect his response to be more emotional than intelligent. I plan to be ready for this when I present this essay at the first vestry meeting in January. Considering that the Supreme Court recently granted Constitutional protection for same-sex couples to marry, when it was already legal in 37 states, I'll be interested to hear what his bone-headed rationale will be to continue such an outdated discriminatory policy.

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I'm pretty shy about my interests. I live with my family in a sheltered and fairly strict environment. I don't know why I like spanking, but I do. Sometimes, I just need it. But, living with my family, I can't just bend over and spank myself whenever I want. I am hardly ever home alone.

The other night I was laying awake in bed and I just couldn't get my mind off of it. I had to find some way to get my fix in. A little research and I came across using a hanger as a "silent" spanking method. Tried it the next day, and it really did scratch that itch. I ran the shower and my swats were practically soundless. I had tried it before, and discovered I'm not a huge fan of thinner implements like switches or makeshift canes. However, giving it a chance gave me a way to blow off some steam.

I'm actually surprised that I can still feel it the next day. Even though it a hanger can be a little awkward to handle. I still miss my hand and spatula spankings, but this gets the job done.

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I had a sissy that is called Crystal well I decided not to punish her anymore because she has been giving me attitude and I just had enough of it. They won't be anymore pictures of her spanked bottom.

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Sure ive said something similar in the past, lol.

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Everyone knows what I need so I'm going to stop posting for awhile but could use you know what ha ha he he say the blind man

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I'm still bored but that's ok it's saves my bottom from enama and getting my but spanking that's ok

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Ok another day of being lazy basically stay in bed watching TV drink dr pepper went out side once or twice can't wait Oct get busy need sore bottom ha ha he he

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I was street racing with some people. Got pulled over for speeding.

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I recently lost someone very dear to me. My ex partner suffered from mental health issues and alcohol addiction. She died from a massive heart attack last week, two weeks short of her 43rd birthday.
For two years I tried to persuade her to get help until I reached a point where there was nothing more I could do. I had to end the relationship because it was making me ill too.
I never stopped loving her and hoped everyday she would finally get help.
Her funeral is on Friday and everyone there would have helped and supported her if she'd reached out.
If there's someone in your life going through similar things give them a call. Go see them and give them a hug, it might make all the difference. If you are suffering from these issues talk to your friends and family, you'll be surprised how many people are there for you. Help is out there.
Thanks for listening.

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1224 am can't sleep fixing to get up and bake again. I'm so stubborn maybe that's why no one in Tulsa can handle me

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