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I changed my avatar to me. Look I'm a big girl and you are either going to love me or think I am disgusting. But I have been loosing weight and I am really proud of myself so I know one day I won't be worried what people think. But PLEASE if you don't like what you see then don't message me. I am soooo tired of getting hurt. And if you don't want to be my friend because of how I look then that's your loss because I am awesome! There is a whole more to me than what I look like.

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I had a dream last night about how it might be when you first come to see me...

I opened the door and you grinned and opened your arms to me. And we embraced and you just held me for a little while. You smelled good and the bristle of your facial hair was wonderful against my cheek. Gradually we parted and you tipped my chin up and we kissed, a slow, sensual, plundering kiss with tongues mating and slanted mouths and biting teeth. Your hands traveled from my hips around to my bottom and you cupped each cheek in each of your hands and used that hold to pull me up against you so that I could feel your hard on through your clothes. I was wearing a short skirt but you didn't yet reach up underneath it. I hooked my fingers through your belt loops and since I wasn't going anywhere anyway you plunged your hands into my hair and pulled it into a fistful that you used to gently pull my head back so that you could kiss your way from my mouth down my neck to my shoulders. As you did this, you directed me with your body towards the nearby sofa, and as we reached it, you took my hand and pulled away long enough to sit down. You tugged me so that I stood in front of you. Grinning, you then reached up under my skirt and your grin broadened as you felt the silky panties I had on underneath it. You scolded me a bit saying they felt like naughty girl panties. "You wore naughty girl panties for Daddy bc you knew it would get you a naughty girl spanking, didn't you?"

The next thing I knew you'd tugged me to your side and then over your lap. In a moment you'd bunched up the skirt around my waist and your hand was running over those naughty panties, feeling the red silky fabric and ruffles of white lace. You started spanking me over them and it wasn't long before I was panting and moaning and grinding against your leg. You told me that I was being even more naughty and you told me that Daddy was going to need to take my panties down. And that was just what you did, you tore them down fast and hard until they lay tangled around my feet. You started spanking again, fast and hard, and you scolded me as you punished me, telling me that you had to punish me because that's what a good Daddy does for his bad little girl. By this time I was getting red and hot and you were rather relentless, letting your inner sadist out to play. We were both panting and I was moaning and sometimes yelping because by this time I was getting tender. I never once reached back, though, not once. I fisted my fingers around your pant leg and i even arched my back to better offer you my butt. You called me your good girl as you noticed this but you kept up the hard spanking. After a few minutes, you angled me over one of your hard thighs, with my legs spread and you spanked me slower but harder that way while you watched me grind the lips of my vagina against your leg. "Don't you dare cum," you warned me in a low growl. "If you cum before Daddy says you may, I will take off my belt..."

And that's about the time my spazzo cat came thundering in the bedroom and just about jumped on my head and woke me up. Lol.

Wonder what happened next? ;D

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Please people on this day remember it is for those who died while serving, not those who are still alive...i may sound like a ass but please there is a difference between memorial day and veterans day they are totally different...i mean be thankful for our service men and women all the time but they have different days for reasons.....let all not forget to remember the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this day...God Bless you..

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they number three for all to see
their love affair with wines
a chardonnay or zinfandel
while dressing to the nines
I must admit before I quit
I'll tell this tale in rhymes
I must not fail to tell the tale
the tale of spanking wives

they'll make you laugh that's not the half
they're an I Love Lucy episode
oh my word you haven't heard
the likes now don't you know
I must admit before I quit
the husbands are lucky guys
they number three for all to see
in the tale of spanking wives

they'll blaze a trail through Allendale
or wherever they reside
out by the pool I think it's cool
a little spanking chat is fine
I must admit before I quit
I have your bottoms on my mind
they number three for all to see
in the tale of spanking wives

I'll bid adieu by telling you
that you're a wonderful surprise
you're welcome here you bring good cheer
with your tales of spanking lives
I must admit before I quit
I'd like to paddle your behinds
to no avail that ship has sailed
in the tale of spanking wives

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Paddington Station,London last Friday evening at 7:15 pm; I waited for my Sir to come off the train.The station was crowded and I was having trouble seeing him. Sir had told me to stand by the clock,but in my excitement I wandered off and my attention was taken up by something else. Suddenly my ears were filled with the sound of my name being called. I turned around and there was my Sir marching towards me,everyone else walks but the old Sergeant Major marches;I didn't know whether to salute or hug him,but decided on the latter.

"How was your trip?" I asked.
"Good,it's great to see you,but I told you to stay under the clock, we will need to address your lack of listening when we are alone".,he said.

We both burst into laughter and hugged so tightly. It was really great to see him...good old Sergeant Major,very prim and dapper but that usual glint in his eyes which told me that we were going to get up to our old ways.

Taxi from Paddington and in 30 minutes at my apartment. He walked around the apartment and understood why I feel a bit lonely in there,it is way too big for one person,but this is where my work put me. I had some wine and he had his usual drop of Teachers Whiskey,just a little drop,no ice or mixer. He sat on my sofa watching Sky News while I made my excuses. I returned in my school uniform,my hair in plaits and chewing gum...I like detail. Sir looked at me and smiled,before getting into character and ordering me to 'Dispose of the chewing gum,you brazen little hussy...' I misheard him at first and thought he called me a Husky and that he wanted chewing gum. My confusion was cleared up when Sir walked towards me,bin in hand and I put the chewing gum in it. He caught me by my ear and led me to the sofa.

"This had been too long coming,you have got away with far too much;a stinging bottom is what you need my girl...yes,a stinging bottom!'
I said nothing,I was enjoying a feeling I had not felt in awhile,the excitement was rising in me as his hand came down,I closed my eyes,this was what I both wanted and needed. My Sir spanked me good that evening and then I was made to stand in the corner for 10 minutes,I was not allowed to rub my sore bottom,my poor bottom,naughty Sir for smacking it...pouting.

Saturday started with breakfast...porridge for Sir,yuk!!!!! We went and done some sight seeing. Sir remembered what it was like to stand guard and we took loads of photos. I brought Sir on the London Eye.I love going on it.We hugged. Afterwards we went to The Tower of London. Sir told me it was one of the first places he was stationed at when he first joined the army. He met a friend of his who is now a Yeoman and we ended up getting a private tour. I got into trouble when Sir's friend remarked that their army days were the best days,I couldn't resist butting it and saying..."Fighting the Boers must have been exciting,they don't like it up 'em!" They laughed,Sir said I was cheeky and his friend agreed and said I should be put in the stocks,perish the thought!

Saturday night saw a nice dinner at a restaurant and another spanking once we got home.I was spanked this time for 'not wearing proper attire and speaking out of turn at the Tower...Boer War indeed..'! I love being over Sir's knee,it is part therapeutic and part sexual for me. I love the feel of his hand and hearing his chastising words,it really does it for me.There is nothing like that stinging feeling afterwards and the continued admonishment.

Sunday saw me dress up in my new underwear and trying to convince Sir that I could wear this going out under my dress...it would be our little secret. He eventually agreed,but I was warned that anymore cheeky comments about the Boer War would see him take his belt to me. As a result of his threat I mentioned the Boer War on 14 separate occasions and thus when we returned to the apartment Sir did in fact take his belt from around his waist as I bent over the back of a chair.More scolding before Sir brought his belt down on me,so much for my sexy underwear,it did not prevent the stinging...hadn't expected it to anyway.

Sunday Evening arrived and Sir and me found ourselves back in Paddington. I will see him at the end of June when I return home for a few days,but now that he has made one trip to the big smoke I think I can persuade him to make more.Good old Sergeant Major,we had such fun.

Bottom still stings a little.

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Today is day 1 of my labia stretching training.
I have to lock 4 padlocks on my rings, go into a position where the locks are dangling and stay there for an hour, every day.
Though I don't feel any stretching today, I may double the locks tomorrow.
I've asked master to buy some weights to use too, apparently people use fishing weights for this task.
The weight of these 4 locks is 2 oz, 58 g.
The weight of the other 4 I have is 2 1/4 oz, 64 g.
So I think for this to make any difference at all, I will double up, until Master has bought some weights.
Or, put another padlock on 2 rings each side, to stretch gradually.
I will see how it feels tomorrow.
The weights will be increased on the 1st of every month.

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Naughty school girl was disrespectful, played truant and never did her homework.

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June's selection is Cheyenne and Jason by Misty Malone from Blushing Books. Also available on Amazon Kindle.

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anybody near northern indiana that wants to spank or be spanked? I do either or. I prefer hand and belt spankings. but I am open to the paddle and the cane. I have previous spanking experience as well. female or male . pm me

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Today is my Birthday for once it didn't rain on my Birthday lol

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Hello again, what follows is a long overdue update. I didn't realise just how long it is since I've been on this site.

Anyway, after a parting of the ways with my Head Girl, I spent quite a long time falling back into my 'old ways' of laziness with my diet and exercise program and began living life to the full, unhealthy food wise, not tidying up around my newly damp coursed and decorated house etc.

However, in April this year (2017) after listening to my work mate extolling the virtues of these new fangled Fitbit devices (his wife bought him one for Christmas) I decided to have another go at getting myself into shape, other than round.
Also, I have recently made the acquaintance of a Lady that takes a dim view of me neglecting my health and has taken it upon herself to 'encourage me' to greater efforts.
She is related to, and has been trained by, a respected, local, pro Domme, and, as I found out, she is highly proficient when it comes to administering implements of correction!!

So, I embark upon another journey of self improvement, under the watchful eye of
'Miss C'.

Ahem, after buying my Fitbit, and getting it set up by entering my goals and starting statistics,I submitted them to Miss C for her perusal.
Over the next 18 months, I intend to lose 7 stone and 8 pounds (106 pounds for our colonial cousins across the pond. Just a little over 48Kg for those of a metric persuasion)
Yes, I am that overweight and out of shape!! Scary when seen written down in black and white!

This should be achievable in the 78 weeks that I've allowed myself at a rate of just under a pound and a half a week on average.

I started on April the 10th 2017 and Miss C has set me the task of losing 1 stone (14 lbs/roughly 6 and a half Kgs) by the 10th of May 2017 and another stone from the 10th of May to the 10th of June to start off with.

I am to submit a full, truthful, written, report on my progress on a monthly basis to Miss C. She will then decide upon any remedial action required, depending on the rate of progress, or not!

I know, I know, the 10th of May has passed already, I'm setting the scene.

I will write an update of my first months' progress, and, how I fared in my initial 'introductory meeting' with Miss C very soon, when she introduced me to her 'methods of encouragement'.

Bye for now, I'll update soon.

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(for Belle)

she was a little cautious
in her approach with open eyes
a man of words most eloquent
thinly veiled in his disguise

hey spankygirl
let's have a twirl
and trade our spanky names
like pantyboy
and spankytoy
and others of the same

petite Cherie
I think you'll see
but only time will tell
of spanky names
and spanky games
the place where I excel

I'll tell you more
but must implore
a rose by other names
is still a rose
and heaven knows
a spankings just the same

referring to
of what I do
(wearing panties all the time)
a sissyboy
I do enjoy
a showing of my behind

I like to play
most everyday
and love your words and prose
so don't be shy
no reason why
that's how my story goes

she was a little cautious
my mystery Mademoiselle
forever call me Spanky
I will surely call you Belle

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Tempest and Janie sat waiting, holding hands, trembling, in silence. A knock on the door made their hearts race, but it was just house staff bringing a plug, lubricant and the wet belt. Evan had seen them arrive and returned to the office.

“May I use the arm of your sofa, Raven?”, Evan asked.

“Certainly, Evan, whatever you need.” Raven said, reluctantly. She was nervous. She had called David, to tell him what was going on, but now, she was worried it was going to make everything worse. She knew Evan wouldn't appreciate it, but she had to answer to David, and she wasn't about to cross him. The reason he'd let the kids come to her place to train, was that he knew she would be his eyes, when he was not there.

Evan stood at the sofa, “Come here, Janie.” She came. “Pull your panties down and lift your dress up, around your waist. Bend over the arm.
I'm going to put this plug into your bottom, just like Tempest has. You'll make it easier on yourself, if you push down.” Evan didn't want to hurt Janie, so he jellied up his finger and he spread her cheeks wide, and put his digit up her little pink butthole. A little pressure and the entrance began to open, and soon his finger was in, up to his first knuckle. Janie tightened up in fear, and Evan could feel her muscles clamping down around him. “Push, Janie, or is going to hurt.” She did as she ordered, and he slowly progressed, until he was in. He twisted and turned to lubricate the path, but did nothing to make the experience pleasurable. He quickly extracted his finger and followed with the plug, which because of it's very small size, slid right in.

Janie was scared of the plug. She's never had one before. That finger thing, had happened at the matching and had hurt. She felt his hands pulling her cheeks aside, and then pressure against her bum. She felt it enter her and reach a point of pain. It made her freak out and tighten up, but a warning from Evan made her push and she thought it was in. Then she felt it come out and then in again. She hated it, but the she could feel wetness between her legs. She hugged her legs together, as she felt tingling all over her genitals.

Evan had her bare ass ready and was so annoyed, he began hand spanking her bottom. He felt that Tempest was going to have a really hard time receiving the belt, as her ass had been punished all day. It was only fair, that Janie started with a sore bottom too! “I'm going to start you off, with a good sore bottom, when you get that stage. Be glad, I don't have time to punish you, like Tempest!”

Janie started crying before he even gave her the first smack. It made him angry, for her to have caused all this grief, and begin whining, when she was called to account. She would accept this punishment, if he had to bind her, to do it. He spanked her hard, concentrating on her sit spots, but he wasn't satisfied.

Janie hadn't expected this spanking. He was being so mean! His hands was so big and heavy. Each slap made her cheeks shake as it hit. The sting and burn, kept growing with every whack, until her sit spots glowed!

“I need a paddle, Raven. Do you still have Stern’s?” He asked.

“Yes, but it's brutal, Evan. I don't know about that.” She cautioned.

“Give it me. It's just what I need.”, said Evan. Janie was bawling. She was scared and already worried about the “on stage” punishment. Evan kept “upping” the penalty. It wasn't fair.

A tap came at the door, and Raven buzzed David into the circus, only to find his daughter, bent over, plugged, with a red bottom. Evan was holding Stern's paddle whip. David had already heard about the trouble Janie had kicked up and the proposed punishment.

“Get that plug out of her ass, Evan. I said no penetration of any kind, did I not?”

“It's very small, David.” Evan said defensively. He'd forgotten that directive, in his determination to match Dylan's methods. He felt like he was so far behind the younger man, who was once his student.

“That is entirely beside the point.” David said firmly. He walked over to Janie, and pulled it out and tossed it in the floor. “Did I fail to make myself clear? She's been here about three hours and look at this mess!”

“Oh, Daddy. Please I just want to go home!”
Janie sensed that the tides may be turning, and maybe she would be saved this humiliation.

“That is up to you, Janie. I'll take your home, AFTER your punishment, but it means the match is done. Is that what you want?”

“Oh no, Daddy. I love him.” Janie started to get up to go to her Daddy.

“You stay right there, Janie. I heard all about it. You deserve everything Evan is going to give you. The plug has been removed for a different reason, entirely. Go ahead, Evan, paddle her, but you'll have to hold her down on your lap, if you're going to use that.” David poured himself a drink and went to give Raven a kiss. “Our Little darlings, right?” He shook his head…”Unbelievable!”

Evan pulled Janie on her feet, and guided her, with panties down and dress up, to the big leather sofa. He put her between his legs and pulled her over one leg. He used his other one, to hold her. She was moved farther over his lap, to expose all of her most vulnerable areas. He gripped the handle of Stern's wicked paddle whip, It had such weight. He could feel the series of metal plates, divided for flexibility, between the leather stitching. Evan hadn't seen it work before, but he heard it was devastating. You were supposed to crack it like a whip, and each plate fell in turn, with a violent consequence.

He raised his arm, and whipped the paddle down, pulling back at the end with a snap. The sound was loud enough to be clearly heard, above the din of the club, just outside. It took a fraction of a second , for the pain to register, and Janie's body, lifted in a contortion of pain as a horrid, guttural, sound escaped her lips. In mere moments, her bottom turned purple. Evan had never intended such a severe result, but he couldn't stop it now, or David would most certainly take Janie from his care. He doubted that David would spare her, regardless of who delivered the punishment. He lifted his arm only half as high, and skipped the flick of the wrist. It hit her sit spots and she still screamed. The result of this one was not quite as harsh, and he followed it with a wimpy hit to her thighs, which he could see, welted her skin. He wanted to stop, as her cries ripped at his heart. He glanced at David, who was losing patience. He bit the bullet and hit her twice more, firmly. Janie screamed and cried. He was barely able to contain her. He put the paddle down as Dylan came to the door.

“We're ready for the girls.” Dylan announced and all eyes turned to him. He took Tempest by the arm and headed to the door. Evan grabbed Janie and followed. He did not bother, pulling her panties up.

The crowd roared as the two beauties were brought to the stage and bent over a long padded bench. Their dresses were lifted and Tempest’s panties were lowered. The girls bottoms were on display. They were both crying, as the sea of people cheered. It was bedlam.

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she offered up a spanking
and short skirted lap to ride
I heard her say
I don't have the day
for the timid to decide

not one for hesitation
while I stand in nylon pants
for loving touch
with wooden brush
to do my spanky dance

she liked to teach a lesson
of good old fashioned days
as by design
and kindred mind
I just love her spanking ways

now heaven sent a blistering
across her legs and pantyhose
the likes of which
with willow switch
and others I have known

she took her satisfaction
in showing me my place
and when she's through
I'm telling you
she has a smile upon her face

standing now with back to me
she lifted her short skirt
told to address
each mound of flesh
her lovely bottom round and pert

a promise made and vow to keep
my lips caressed her underwear
"now don't be late
for spanking dates"
as I kissed her derriere

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Hello just letting you know that we have decided to record and post some of my punishments we're just trying to figure out which ones we're going to post. So bare with us and sure we'll be bringing you real dd lifestyle punishments. Have a great weekend...

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Is there anyone in the orange county or los angeles area that would to spank me or be spanked by me contact me please i dont know enough people

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Knickers round her knees, and the exquisite embarrassment of having her bare bottom smacked .....

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Girl Spanks Girl