Daija Spanked for Asking for Money

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Description: Daija is well paid, as are all the girls, but when they ask for more money, they are spanked, as Daija is here. You can see the entire film at: https://www.spankinglibrary.com/store.php?id=55&page=1
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Director4U - 1878 days ago
Actually, no she did not enjoy it. The girls I spank I am spanking for real, for actual misbehaviors. I spank them hard and they do cry for real. Of course, they do keep showing up, but that is because the results are obtained. They reach their own goals because of the hard spankings they get. So they enjoy the results, but not the spankings. Pleased that you enjoyed it. Ken
ipSwitchscoolboy - 1878 days ago
oh my god you are a very lucky man
lovely video.
did she enjoy this spanking???
I sincerely hope she did.
dear Santa......................
Director4U - 2194 days ago
Hi, LittleBadOne,
Thanks! And, I am certainly pleased that you get "bare-ass" spankings! Bare-bottom spankings are the only way to give a spanking since the girl does pay a LOT more attention! :)
Best wishes, Ken
littlebadone - 2194 days ago
enjoy your videos..My Master loves to give bare ass spankings also
littlebadone - 2194 days ago
love seeing them get spanked...lovely
Director4U - 2231 days ago
Hi, stricthohcple,
Pleased that you enjoy the movies. I am getting some new girls with a broader theme on my new site, which you can still find at my old site with a new logo: http://www.spankedcoeds2.com/home.html
I just gave Daija another spanking yesterday, but did not film it. Most spankings are filmed, but, for some of the girls, they can be spanked at any time, and are when they need it.

Enjoy, Ken
stricthohcple - 2231 days ago
well done and I do not care what age the girls are for they all need a spanking in due time, no one is never too old to be welled spanked and strapped.
Director4U - 2349 days ago
Hi, Twistedheart,
Thanks for watching my videos and enjoying them.
However, the girls are in fact "coeds" and come to me from surrounding area schools. Even when I taught at Ohio State, I still only worked with and counseled girls in my training facility. But, they were still "coeds". My Academy is an adjunct to existing coed schools, and I do not offer any "degree programs".
As for the "older" girls, if you have seen the graduate schools recently, you will realize that some of the "students" are in their 30's and 40's, if not older. This was not the case when I went to school so much, but today, age is not really the factor that it used to be.
All of that aside, keep enjoying the "hot spankings" and I will tell the girls that you enjoy them.
Best wishes,
twistedheart - 2350 days ago
You do hot spankings, but it drives me up a wall you call them co-eds. You have a *girl-only school* that means, not co-ed. Also, some are very obviously older than college aged...
Director4U - 2372 days ago
Hi, JustVicious,
Yes she did. The thing is I do take good care of the girls, and it really aggravates me when they cannot take care of their money. They think I will just always give them more, which I won't do, but if they really need more, they do get a good spanking. And they do seem to think more before asking again, so it apparently works! :)
Headmaster Ken
Assume The Position Studios